A law banning St. George’s ribbons came into force

Закон о запрете георгиевских лент вступил в силу

For the use of the tape faces a fine or arrest for 15 days.

In Ukraine from June 15 came into force a law banning the wearing and promotion of the St. George ribbon. The document published in the official newspaper Voice of Ukraine.

According to the law, for wearing a St. George ribbon face a fine from 850 to 2550 UAH. In case of repeated violation – a fine will be from 2 to 5 550 UAH 100 UAH. In addition, possible administrative arrest up to 15 days. St. George’s ribbon, or objects from the image will be deleted anyway.

Ban, fines and penalties will not apply to participants of the Second world war who have awards, commemorative medals and other distinctions with guards (St. George) ribbon.

In addition, the tape can be used in museums, library collections, in art, in science and in the original battle flags.

We will remind, the law on the prohibition of St. George ribbons was signed by Poroshenko on June 12.

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