A military expert on the causes of explosions in warehouses in Balakliya: I am a supporter of “negligence”

Военный эксперт о причинах взрывов на складах в Балаклее: Я сторонник версии "халатность"

The most probable version of the origin of the explosion at the ammunition depots in balakliia – negligence. This was reported by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I am a supporter of “negligence”. Let me explain why. To date, in order to undermine a Constitution that was supposed to shock the drone, and this, sorry, plane. Then the question is, where is our defense? If it’s a Quad then tell me the model of a quadrocopter, able to lift into the air about 30 kg bomb in order to reset it in the center of the stack with the ammunition that will cause a fire,” – said Zhdanov.

He added: “If we are considering how the Russian track, as said the Minister of defense, then, sorry, this is war. If they carry out acts of sabotage and we’re talking about the Russian trace in our territory”.

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Recall the night of March 23 in the Balakleya district of the Kharkiv region, a fire broke out in warehouses of ammunition, explosives began to detonate. Was organized the evacuation of residents of the 7-kilometer zone of the lesion (later it was expanded to 10 km). SBU has described the incident as sabotage, witnesses heard the roar of some aircraft and watched as he threw something to the warehouse.

The fire for some time could not be put out due to the fact that detonated the shells. As of Friday evening the fire in Balakleya extinguished completely, now eliminate its consequences.

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