A native of Dnepropetrovsk: MPs on the Dnipro, football and sewing

Родом из Днепропетровска: нардепы о Днипре, футболе и шитье

Today the Verkhovna Rada adopted three resolutions on the renaming of the Communist localities in the framework of de-communization. The greatest resonance was caused by renaming Dnepropetrovsk Dnipro.

We asked some of the people’s deputies, as they relate to the renaming of the city where were born, or lived.

Olga Chervakova, the people’s Deputy from BPP. Born and raised in Dnepropetrovsk, graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk national University.

This forces us to the law on decommunization. Accordingly, any renaming, which has the consequence of elimination of the totalitarian past and all the demons of the socialist system – this is what the law requires of us. The renaming of cities such as Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, all sorts of Oktyabrsky, different Ways of Communism, but there was no need to get rid of because it creates the identity of the people in the territory in which they live. If settlement is called the Path of communism, it is communism they are, if the name has a European look, so people start to get used to, that they have a completely different identification.

I want to say, as someone who was born in this city and lived for many years, even in Soviet times, if someone called somebody and asked “where are you?”, said, “I am in the river”, didn’t say, “Dnipropetrovsk”, cut. Now there is even a joke that after the Parliament shortened the name of Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson residents is very tense. Interesting to me is another story. There is a football club “Dnepr” and he was officially called FC “Dnipro – Dnipropetrovsk”, now it apparently will be called FC “Dnipro – Dnipro”. There were many variants of the name, there were public hearings on them also discussed the name Iceclaw, but Dnepropetrovsk never carried this name. During the founding it was called Ekaterinoslav, and it was founded on the site of the Cossack fortress Kodak. That is to say that Iceclaw is a name which could combine the city is far-fetched. As far as I know, in the river, there was no such turbulence in the discussion of the city’s name, as for example now in Kirovograd, when people wall to wall. Pro-Ukrainian Hromada and the Party of regions, now repainted in the Opposition bloc, are trying to defend their point of view. If there is anything Yelisavetgrad, is indeed the Imperial name, this is not going anywhere. If in the river now said let’s keep in mind that “Petrovsk” is in honor of St. Peter, by the way this is also indicated by the present deputies from the Opposition bloc, it’s just speculation and an attempt to hang this decoration to replace the real changes even in the matter of names. I’m not saying that if you now rename the city, there once all heal well, but from the name very much.

Unlikely the name change will lead to some kind of confrontation or clashes in the city. The right that the inhabitants of this city are located very near the front. It’s frontal area. And every day there are brought the dead and wounded and all this happens before the eyes of the citizens and they very well snute, what is confrontation and war. I don’t believe that the people of my home town will arrange some kind of “war games” from scratch. Now we have to see how it will react to a society, because even before mayor Boris Filatov said that he supported the old name of the city, but I spoke with my friends there, some of whom are advisers to the mayor, and they said pretty positive reaction to today’s ruling. I in any case do not predict any collisions because it is a city that knows very well the value of peace.

Ivan Kulichenko, the people’s Deputy from BPP. The ex-mayor of Dnipropetrovsk

What is the name of the city had to remove the name of Petrovsky, this is definitely and by far. The fact that the city had to rename – also correct. But have a few questions. First, what was discussed in the city over the past year, and various initiatives have been proposed, it is not about that. Welcome Dnipropetrovsk we, all the inhabitants, called the Dnieper before. Nothing new here and the city was not given. Here my name is Ivan, and mother called Ivan, this does not mean that I in the passport have Vanya to write. Definitely should be renamed, but slightly different. Why not Dneprovsk? The region was 5 of 8 Palanok Zaporizhzhya Sich, how is this reflected? It is immediately rejected.

Therefore, in this situation such an approach is “come on” it played a role. I did not vote against the renaming, I did not participate in the vote because I believe that it was done hastily. And could have been done differently and it would have a very different effect, and it happened: “the Ball, imagine a box in which you live, now yours.” I would support the renaming of the city in Dneprovsk. Dnieper region.

Yuriy Bereza, MP from “popular front”, the inhabitant of Dnepropetrovsk, former battalion commander of the battalion “Dnepr-1”

Today Vilkul said that they have collected 300 thousand signatures against the renaming of Dnipropetrovsk. I have a feeling that the Opposition bloc something to smoke that it brings such results. I think the 300 thousand they counted so – they have the electoral support of about 10%, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, home to about a million people here are within these limits and they could support.

In General, this renaming is the start of real decommunization and Schitt of the country. We today do not just renamed a city on the Dnieper river, today we began the process of unifying around the fact that we should unite. This may not be a Lenin or something like that. It’s other people’s idols, and we remain Ukrainians and this is the main. I like this version of renaming the city, if someone doesn’t like that after the river the city was named, let us assume that the city was renamed in honor of the regiment “Dnepr-1” of the heroic, which in 2014 became to protect our state.

When they say that a significant portion of the residents against the renaming, I want to ask where you get your information? When they say such things, I’d like to hear the statistics: who conducted the poll, when, where. If it was held by Mr. Vilkul in his family and in his family’s 97% against the renaming, then 3% even in his family – the Dnieper. I therefore recommend that such figures do not pay attention. “Occupying the block” he will leave Parliament, here will be only those parties who represent Ukraine. Well, can not Pro-Russian mankurt to say which city we live. And that’s it. If someone does not like it and will start some sort of commotion, for that reason we have elaborated the draft law on deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship for terrorism and I think we got it. And if someone says that Ukraine did not exist, repeating the manta rays of Eastern a sort of dwarf, they have a job to say this, to repeat, that Ukraine can’t be that Kiev is not Ukraine, and some sort of “new Russia”… But look, now where is the Tsar? And they’ll all be there, that’s all. And today my dream has come true.