A new generation of growth stimulants of plants PENNANT 2™

Новое поколение стимуляторов роста растений ВЫМПЕЛ 2™

Progress is one of the components of any successful business. And agriculture is no exception. The primary task of current innovation to minimise the negative impact of weather conditions and habitats for plants development.

This, in turn, will fully reveal the potential yield and quality of crops.

In this regard, an international group of companies “VALLEY” presents to farmers a new generation of growth stimulants of plants series PENNANT® – PENNANT 2®. It is composed of: polyhydric alcohols – not less than 300 g/l; humic acid up to 30 g/l; carboxylic acids of natural origin is 3.0 g/L.

The main feature of stimulator PENNANT 2® is its original composition. Advanced and optimally balanced main composition of polyhydric alcohols confers drug new properties. He does not lose fluidity at low positive temperatures and can be used from +5°C. the Modified humic acid are in-house (know-how) of the company “VALLEY”.

Also added 3rd party components – carboxylic acid. They are an integral part of the Krebs cycle and a key step in the respiration of all cells, as well as a source of molecules for the synthesis of vital compounds such as carbohydrates and amino acids. So PENNANT 2® acts as an effective adaptogen, providing the plants the ability to withstand the negative influence of abiotic factors.

Due to its composition 2 PENNANT® not only has all the previous properties series: growth stimulator, adhesive, adaptogen, cryoprotector, thermoprotector, an antistress agent, inhibitor, disease, soil activator, but also increases their manifestation. Accordingly, increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

In addition, due to the enlarged the drug has a new property – fotosinteticos. The stimulant will optimize the processes of plastic and energy exchanges, making the process of photosynthesis in plants as effective as possible.

PENNANT 2® began to be used in industrial production from 2015, and immediately won recognition from farmers. The product is compatible with pesticides, macro-, micronutrients and Biologicals. It dissolves completely in water and does not lose its activity in any tank mixtures.

Of course, to buy a plant growth stimulator or fertilizer in our time is not too difficult, but only PENNANT 2® can provide the following allowances.

In 2016, the “VALLEY” has also started to produce new high performance of macro – and microfertilizers of series ORACLE® Cooperman that will allow you to get even higher rates of increases of productivity and product quality.

Peter Korotetskiy, scientific consultant of the group of companies “VALLEY”.

More information about the characteristics and use of products of the group of companies “VALLEY” can be found on the website of the company.

Новое поколение стимуляторов роста растений ВЫМПЕЛ 2™