A new scandal for the elections. Who accuses of corruption environment Poroshenko

Новый скандал под выборы. Кто обвиняет в коррупции окружение Порошенко

NABS suspects the former people’s Deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov fraud in the energy sector, and he says about corruption ally of incumbent President Igor Kononenko.

The corruption scandal in the defense sector, which was involved in the inner circle of the President of Petro Poroshenko, has strongly struck on positions of power. Now, on the eve of the second round of elections, is gaining momentum a new case of corruption. This time in the energy sector.

A close friend and business partner of President Igor Kononenko accused of involvement in the withdrawal of hundreds of millions of hryvnias of several power companies, controlling stake in which belongs to the state.

Correspondent.net understood in a new corruption scandal.

Mr. Hooks

In late March, the journalists of the Scheme published an investigation about fraud in the energy sector.

Involved in criminal schemes, according to journalists, the Surkis brothers, Igor Kononenko and the former people’s Deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov.

Hooks in 2006 he became a Deputy from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, then over to the Party of regions and elections 7 200 year the Parliament has not got.

In 2014, the Hooks managed from scratch to create a holding Grid, the state power companies suddenly began to assign debts of industrial enterprises.

Frauds concerned enterprises zaporizhzhyaoblenergo, Cherkassyoblenergo and harkovoblenergo. Controlling stake in all these companies belong to the state represented by state property Fund, but the actual control, according to the journalists, carried out the minority shareholders, for example, the Surkis brothers.

The basic structure of the withdrawal was that large companies were paying for the electricity directly to power companies, and the company Kryuchkov Grid. But then the Grid did not translate money into power companies. This allowed us to derive a minimum of half a billion hryvnia, said the investigation of journalists.

Journalists published the records of telephone conversations the businessman Kryuchkov, the Surkis brothers and Kononenko, in order to discuss these schemes in the energy sector.

Journalists sent to the experts of the audio files together with samples of votes from the public speeches of people they were able to recognize, and asked him to perform – whether they match or not.

“To the expert explored the voices of five people, not knowing who they are. Is – Dmitry Kryuchkov Igor Kononenko, Igor Kotvitsky, Igor and Grigoriy Surkis,” – noted journalists.

According to them, the examination of all received votes, gave a positive result. Obtained high accuracy rates of similarity votes on a scale envisaged in this methodology.

The official investigation

NABS suspects Kryuchkov in the output 356 million hryvnia zaporizhzhyaoblenergo.

In July 2016, the NEB announced Kryuchkov wanted. In early 2017 Interpol declared in the international search. And in may 2017, a Ukrainian court arrested in absentia Kryuchkov.

In April 2018 Hooks was detained in Germany.

In March of this year he suddenly agreed to extradite to Ukraine, April 15, arriving in Kiev.

Comeback for elections

On arrival at Borispol Kryuchkov was immediately detained by the detectives NAB. Now the ex-MP choose a measure of restraint in court.

Hooks calls the NABU charges “absurd” and “the product of the work of prosecutors” and claimed that the company Grid, which he headed, to supply electricity to legally.

According to him, he later received an offer to share profits from the representative of Petro Poroshenko, however, the name of the representative of the Hooks are not called.

Hooks also said that the head of the NABOO Sytnyk allegedly received half a million dollars in bribes for his business.

Under the courthouse, where Kryuchkov was elected a measure of restraint, the people gathered with placards “Kryuchkov behind bars” and the like.

And in the court room with an unknown purpose, are guys of a sports Constitution.

Tim an hour from primen court s newtommy Mehta purebeauty “sportive” boys pic.twitter.com/l3IIiRl4Xd

— CPK / Shabon (@Shabunin) 17 APR 2019

Petro Poroshenko calls return Kryuchkov in Ukraine technology of the campaign headquarters of his opponent in the second round of the elections Vladimir Zelensky.

“You’ll see tomorrow Kryuchkova will lead to court. The next day he would be free. And on Thursday it will be on channel 1+1, on site Zelensky, to play our role in the electoral process. I want to stress that nothing to do with the fight against corruption, these processes do not have. Three years had to fight this corruption, or immediately after the presidential election. This pre-election technology of the headquarters of my opponent and his patron, Mr. Kolomoisky”, – said the acting President.

Poroshenko noted that if the end of the electoral process Hooks will not be broadcasted on 1+1, he will say that he was wrong.” But you’ll see — everything will be exactly,” – said the head of state.

Sweat your associate Kononenko, who is suspected of fraud, Poroshenko advised immediately after the election to go to the investigating authorities and answer the questions that they have.