A petition for clemency filed Grushnikov Poroshenko

Прошение о помиловании ГРУшников подано Порошенко

The fate of the forces depends on the Ukrainian President.

A petition for clemency servicemen of the Russian Federation Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov submitted to President Petro Poroshenko, reports TASS referring to the lawyer Aleksandrova Valentina Rybina.

“Pardon Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov have already been submitted to the President of Ukraine,” said Rybin, not specifying from whom it filed the petition.

Earlier it was reported that the protection of Russian forces Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev will not appeal the verdict and intends to file a petition for pardon.

18 APR Grushnikov was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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