A resident of Beregovo knife damaged 14 cars and injured a neighbor

Житель Берегово повредил ножом 14 авто и ранил соседа

Damaged 12 cars with Hungarian registration and 2 Ukrainian

Locals claim that the man suffers from mental disorders. He was detained by the police.

In Beregovo, a local resident shot a knife-wheel car parked in the yard of high-rise buildings, and then attacked the man who tried to stop him. On Wednesday, March 20, according to Мукачево.net.

The incident occurred the night before. The man managed to damage 14 cars – 12 registration with the Hungarian and Ukrainian. A resident of a neighboring house tried to stop the assailant, but was stabbed in the head, after which he was hospitalized.

A man with a knife was detained by militiamen, which also helped other residents. According to them, a man damaged cars, has a mental disorder.

The police conduct their investigation.


Earlier it was reported that in Kharkiv oblast per day burned four cars. Law enforcement authorities suspect arson. And on the streets of Kiev have counted almost 600 abandoned cars.


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