A resident of Mariupol opened fire in the street

Житель Мариуполя открыл стрельбу посреди улицы

In Mariupol, a man opened fire on passers-by

Drunk man brandished a knife, and in response to the remark began to shoot at passers-by. He was detained by the police, being out of service.

In Mariupol, a man opened fire on passers-by. About it reports a press-service of the patrol police on Monday, November 11.

The incident occurred yesterday evening on the street Olympic. Patrol officer who was off duty, noticed a man with a knife.

“Passing near a local market, patrolman Andrew Vysotsky noticed the drunk man who was walking down the street and brandished a knife. A COP made a remark to him, when suddenly the latter pulled out a subject similar to the gun and began randomly firing it at passers-by,” – said in the message.

As noted in the press service, the police called their colleagues who were on shift.

“While the crew went for help, the patrol decided on their own to try to detain the offender, because procrastination could lead to tragedy. Only men were able to distract, Andrew disarmed him and held until the arrival of police,” – said the press service.

We will remind that earlier in Mariupol pedestrian-the offender stabbed the driver. Forced to abruptly stop his Audi, the businessman jumped out of salon to make the claim of the offending traffic. In response, he received a mortal wound with a knife in his chest.

It was also reported that in Mariupol arrested a human trafficker from Turkey. The man offered the girls for cash consideration to provide sexual services in Switzerland.

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