A resident of the Crimea went to prison for the bombing of the Christmas tree

Житель Крыма сел в тюрьму за подрыв новогодней елки

“Court” fined resident for 20 thousand Russian rubles

The man found offensive fragmentation hand grenade RG-42 with the fuse in an abandoned building.

In the annexed Crimea the so-called “Kirovsky district court” sentenced the resident of the city Old Crimea to six years of imprisonment in colony of General regime for the bombing of a Christmas tree with a grenade on New year’s eve. This was reported by the press service of “court” on Thursday, April 24.

Otmechaetsya that 40-year-old man found offensive fragmentation hand grenade RG-42 with the fuse in an abandoned building in December of 2018 and took her own.

“29 Dec, being able alcoholic intoxication, a local resident in the bag suffered an explosive device from his apartment to the building of the city administration. Bringing the device in readiness for initiation of explosion by attaching it to the wooden construction of the Cabinet on the trunk of the Christmas tree, located on the square, produced the undermining of an explosive device,” – said in a press release.

The result was disrupted “public order and tranquility of others” and also damaged the property, “city administration” in the amount of 46 thousand rubles.

Man sentenced to six years imprisonment in a correctional colony of General regime. He also will pay a fine in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

Earlier it was reported that in the Crimea, a man was killed and two others injured while trying to cut the artillery shell. The incident occurred in the village of maryevka of Leninsky district.

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