A revolution in cinema. Main films about Euromaidan

Революция в кино. Главные фильмы о Евромайдане

The revolutionary events in Ukraine have become fertile ground for the film industry.

About the revolution of Dignity took a lot of movies, however, is mostly documentary.

One of them has even received Oscar nominations.

On the eve of the third anniversary of the start of Euromaidan came the Oliver stone movie “Ukraine in the fire”. It provoked sharp criticism in Ukraine for Pro-Russian view of the revolution that is shown in the picture.

Correspondent.net recalls the most famous films of the last Ukrainian revolution.

The most successful

While the most famous film about Euromaidan remains “Winter lights” is a documentary co-production USA, UK and Ukraine.

During the events on Maidan Director Evgeny Afineevsky, living in USA, called a friend and called him to fly to Kiev to document the current events. The film went shooting 28 operators.

The official premiere of the film took place on the famous platform Netflix.

Film footage covers the events of the 93 days of the winter of 2013-2014, when a peaceful student rally in support of Ukraine’s European integration has become a Revolution of dignity, which was attended by millions of people.

In Kyiv hosted a Grand screening of the film with President Petro Poroshenko and the families of heroes of Heavenly hundred.

Director Afineevsky received in Ukraine a few orders.

“Winter lights” won the Grand Prix at the International festival of films about human rights in Nuremberg and the audience award for best documentary at the Toronto film festival.

But the main achievement – the film was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best documentary.

The most scandalous

“Ukraine in the fire” – a documentary film by the Ukrainian Director Igor Lopatenko and American producer Oliver stone, shot in 2016[1][2]. The film recounts the events that took place in Kiev since November 2013. The film became the best film festival in Italy.

Oliver stone spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

The film premiered in Russia on television. In Ukraine, the film was criticized and called a Pro.

In one scene, the film argues that the beating of students on Maidan on 30 November 2013 was organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the then head of the presidential administration Sergei Lyovochkin.

As the authors of the film, the night before the beating Levochkin repeatedly called Yatsenyuk and talked about the need for “cleansing” of the Maidan protesters. “I did not give the order to beat people on the Maidan, we realized that the action is minimized. To give such an order could only Popov. And the priests obeyed Levochkin”, – said in an interview, former interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko.

In General, the film supports the official position of Moscow on the Euromaidan. It was and stories about “dangerous nationalists”, Bandera and Western influence.

The competition in Cannes

A documentary by Ukrainian Director Sergei Loznitsa “Maidan” represented Ukraine in the competition program of the Cannes film festival and several major international film festivals.

The film is a collection of random scenes from the life of the Maidan, shot with a static camera. Overall, the “Maidan” can be described as the author’s view Loznitsa on the events that hit the lens of his camera.

The dispute in France

French channel Canal+ in early 2016 showed a documentary film “Masks of the revolution.”

Embassy of Ukraine in France, appealed to the channel to reconsider the possibility of transmission of the film, saying that it gives the viewer a false impression of the situation in Ukraine.

“The version of mister Moreira (film) about the events in Ukraine, including the illegal annexation of Crimea – is sweet music to the ears of conspiracy theorists and Russian propaganda”, – noted in the Embassy.

“Attempts to explain the events as the operation, which is funded by the United States are not only false but very disrespectful to our fellow citizens killed in the center of Kiev to defend the democratic aspirations of their country,” – emphasizes the Ukrainian Embassy.

However, Canal+ still showed the film and even a few times.


During the events of Euromaidan there was a project Babylon’13 on Ukrainian film industry. The project did a large group of Directors.

Through the prism of the Director’s reflection, Babylon’13 captures all the events on the Euromaidan, paying more attention to the details and actions taken separately of ordinary people.

First short film about the individual events of the revolution were laid in the network. But in the end, all the materials that were filmed during civil protests, formed the basis of a great documentary.

Recognized in Russia.

Ukrainian documentary “Black notebook Maidan”, which tells about the events of Euromaidan, was nominated for the Russian National prize “Laurel branch-2014” in the nomination “Best feature-length documentary film”TV.

The film was made in 4 months by students of the 2nd course of directing of Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary.

It was shown in the framework of the Ukrainian pavilion at the Cannes film festival with the film “Heavenly hundred”, “Cinema of civil protest”, “Kyiv. The war on Institutskaya”, “Women of Maidan.”

“Maidan. The art of resistance”

A film by Anton Muharsky (Orest Lyuty). In the film, the author reveals the role of artists and artists in protest of the Maidan and their participation in the direct action resistance of militia and “Berkut”.

“Heavenly hundred”

The first film in the series “the Winter that changed us” a joint production of 1+1 and BABYLON`13.

The stories of the people who died on the Maidan, in the recollections of eyewitnesses.