A Seagull shat on Canton in a new clip before the Euro 2016

Чайка нагадила на Кантона в новом ролике перед Евро-2016

Channel TV today released its trailer featuring legends Manchester United Eric Cantona.

Before the start of the European Championship 2016 in France in a few weeks and on the day of the birth of French football legend Eric Cantona, who is 50 years old.

Former striker for Manchester United and French national team became the voice of Euro 2016 on TV channel ITV. Channel today presented a new promotional video with the participation of the Canton and dedicated to the Euro.

The plot of the movie, the Canton sits on the street near the cafe, where fans watch football. Suddenly, a Seagull flies he pooped on the legendary football player.

This moment, a reference to the famous phrase of the player, who at a press conference held after the most famous kung-fu kick on a fan, responding to a statement that journalists would constantly monitor his behaviour said:

“If seagulls fly over the ship, it’s only because they wait for the sardines thrown into the sea.”

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