A search in the news: employees are not released

Обыск в Вестях: сотрудников не выпускают

In the news are searched

In the SEC Gulliver are the searches in offices of media-holding News.

In the wording of the News, ongoing searches. According to Facebook employee holding Olga Semchenko, all gathered in a large room and not let out.

“Our people, all gathered in the large conference room (30 persons). Released into the toilet and drink.

Check in the phones contact lists, and messenger. Those who do not give – take. The guys radio was released to the air, but sitting on them. Released one pregnant girl,” says Semchenko.

Earlier, in GPU reported that searches are held in the editorial office, but the journalists themselves holding are not searched and are not involved in criminal proceedings.

Groups of companies in Gulliver appealed to the authorities