A sedentary lifestyle is killing every tenth – the scientists

Сидячий образ жизни убивает каждого десятого - ученые

Every tenth early death associated with sedentary lifestyle

It is the stiffness associated with each of the tenth to the early death of a person in the world. While such an outcome could have been prevented.

British scientists said that low levels of physical activity, typically associated with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to one in ten early deaths in the world. While such an outcome could be avoided. This writes the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

According to experts, many people in their country prefer to spend my free time lying or sitting. However, they almost all everyday life is carried out in a seated position at work.

“The fight against sedentary lifestyle can bring a lot of benefit to public health of the country”, – said one of the researchers Leonia Aaron.

Previously, scientists have found that sedentary people are significantly more likely to suffer from diabetes, diseases of vessels and hearts, as well as other ailments that reduce life.

The people who have walked for 2-3 hours a day have a significantly lower body mass index, and cholesterol levels in the blood are much lower.

In this regard, researchers recommend to increase the average level of physical activity, at least 50 percent.

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