A sex scandal with a police officer and a student: the defendant apologized

Секс-скандал с полицейским и студенткой: фигурантка извинилась

The Kyiv Prosecutor’s office managed to start criminal proceedings

Student accused in the social media official of the interior Ministry in harassment and threats, removed all the records and apologized.

In Kiev there was a scandal after the publication in the social network Facebook on the account page, was a student of Natalia, Buraco, about threats and harassment by an employee of the national police. After it came to the beginning of criminal proceedings by the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev with the page disappeared a publication about the threats, and instead they got apologies.

“I am very ashamed. I Bureiko Natalia wrote an article about the threats from the Alexander Varchenko on the social network Facebook, do not understand the situation and not realizing their actions. I was the victim of a cynical provocation against Alexander and his wife. I admit that the account has been created by hackers from Russia to discredit officials of the National police and the State Bureau of investigation,” wrote a student.

Секс-скандал с полицейским и студенткой: фигурантка извинилась



Earlier, on November 7,account Facebook Natalia Buraco several reports appeared with allegations against an employee of the national police Alexander Varchenko sexual harassment after they met via the app Tinder. The man allegedly insisted on an intimate relationship, and after refusal began to threaten with physical violence. Varchenko assured that has nothing to do with the threats, Buraco. After the scandal resonated and went beyond social networking, there is information about the beginning of criminal proceedings on this fact the capital prokuratorow with the transfer of the investigation to the security Service of Ukraine.


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