A statement trump has spurred oil prices

Заявление Трампа подстегнуло цены на нефть

Also oil affects the situation in Iraqi Kurdistan.

World oil prices rise on Monday morning on statements by US President Donald trump on the Iranian nuclear deal, and also because of the situation in Iraq.

As the findings of trading, the price of December futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent rose by 1.05% to 57,77 per barrel, the price of November futures on WTI increased by 0.82% to 51.87 USD per barrel.

So, on Friday U.S. President Donald trump in an address to the Americans refused to officially confirm to Congress that Iran adheres to the agreement on the nuclear program, but did not at the international level to challenge the compliance of Iran agreement on nuclear deal.

Also, the US President has promised new sanctions against Iran for its support of terrorism.

On the price of oil is also affected by reports of attack by Iraqi forces on the territory of the Kurds to take military base near Kirkuk oil fields and establish control over the city.

In the US, an explosion occurred on an oil platform