A sudden blow or how fast to lose million

А вдруг пронесет или как быстро лишиться миллиона

Only in Kiev from the beginning of 2017 when street robbery was stolen more than 7 million hryvnia. It would seem, how could get this amount in less than 2 months, but more is better – this is without petty theft only robbery in the amount of 1 thousand dollars, including in UAH equivalent.

During the attacks used threats, used gas cylinders, used violence. Unprepared people easily were thus in a state of shock and unable to resist, becoming an easy victim, unable to fight back.

What people thought of relying on our own strength or relying on the strength of one trusted person? Do they think that this is enough?

In various embezzlement of large sums of are not working that scheme, that pocket thieves. Somehow the criminals still get the pickup and go to work. And all of this is happening not alone, and these thieves are probably not new to criminal cases and means of attack in the form of cold or firearms, they certainly are.

А вдруг пронесет или как быстро лишиться миллиона



To confront professional criminals have professional security guards who have experience, adequate training and are always on the side of the law. And their involvement is not uncommon – Express service-protection becomes necessary in a country where the security people need to think for yourself.

Attack “on luck” or a tip to happen with an enviable constancy, organizing, significant jumps in the statistics of stolen amounts, and the arrogance of Ukrainians to contribute. But now it is not difficult to secure protection until it is really needed.

Express service-guard work quickly and efficiently – at one point you defenseless people, and after 20 minutes – vip-person, for the violation of the which can be not frail prison of lines to 18 years of imprisonment (case of assault and appropriation of property in especially large sizes by organized group of persons). And no matter what values you carry, or you yourself are the values that need to be protected. The cost is also quite loyal: 750 UAH for the first hour and 250 UAH for each subsequent 30 minutes – far better than the risk of becoming a victim of a criminal offence.
But to choose between carelessness and security, of course, need their own, perhaps someone like “extreme”. In General, until people learned to think about their safety, thinking that will solve everything, we live taking and fear, fear and driven!

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