A suspect in the case Guzhva sent under arrest

Подозреваемый по делу Гужвы отправлен под арест

Guzhva after delivery charges

Anton Filipkowski arrested for two months.

The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint for Anton Filipkowski, a suspect in the case of the chief editor of the online publication Stranaya Igor Guzhva, in the form of house arrest. The decision was read by the judge Vladimir Bugil on Saturday, June 24.

House arrest for Filipkowski elected for a 2 months at the place of residence in Kharkov. The judge explained his decision by saying that Filipkowski expired passport and he cannot leave the territory of Ukraine. The judge added that he was unemployed, so can be at home all day.

Protection Guzhva expects that the court will choose the measure of restraint in the form of assignment of cash collateral.

In turn Stranaya reports that Filipkowski made a deal with the investigation. The newspaper’s sources in the Prosecutor’s office reported that Filipkowski can be transferred to the main prosecution witness.

“Filipkowski is a key player in the process. He took money from the radicals, led some of the negotiations where something was carrying,” said the lawyer Guzhva, Olena Lukash.

In her opinion, Filipkowski can affect the progress of the case during investigation and also can escape. “We have it in the documents and that’s all replayed,” said she.

We will remind, Guzhva officially handed to the suspect on the case of extortion.