A terrorist attack or negligence? A warehouse fire in Balakleya

Теракт или халатность? Пожар на складе в Балаклее

What happened in the Kharkiv region, and Novo whether this is for Ukraine.

In the Kharkiv region, a fire at the country’s largest ammunition depot, located near the town of Balakleya.

The fire led to explosion of adjacent territories evacuated about 20 thousand people, no casualties.

The total area of the Arsenal – 368 hectares, it houses more than 138 thousand tons of ammunition.

Warehouses with shells in Ukraine burn is not the first time, but during the ATO on such a large scale event took place for the first time.

Correspondent.net understand the situation in Blakley.

A diversion?

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that the cause of the explosion at the ammunition depots in Balakleya was a diversion.

“According to preliminary data as a result of sabotage tonight in 2 hours. 56 min. at several sites storage of rocket artillery weapons (tank and artillery shells 125 and 152 mm) near the town of Balakleya in Kharkiv region was an explosion (fire) that caused the detonation of ammunition”, – he said.

According to military Prosecutor, before the first explosion occurred at ammunition dumps, and over this place he heard the roar of an aircraft.

This information was provided during interrogations, the military daily attire artsclub.

“Before the explosion was observed the drone aircraft, like the sound of the drone, and then in two places, one of the sites of the blasts occurred,” gave the Prosecutor what they told me.

Matios reminded that earlier repeatedly there have been attempts to reset the fuses with the drones. For example, in Svatovo, when it also burned the warehouses.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that the explosion at the warehouse had carried out sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

At the same time, the Minister assured that significant damage to the country’s defense these explosions are not caused.

“Most of the ammunition since the beginning of ATO was dispersed to other bases and warehouses, and was also moved to the area of operations,” – said Poltorak.

He also said that after the explosion at the artillery warehouses near Balakliya at all military depots of Ukraine enhanced security.


The military Prosecutor’s office has opened proceedings under article “negligent attitude to military service persons, resulting in serious consequences, committed in conditions of special period.”

Thus the consequence considers the version that the accident had done to hide the theft at the facility.

“Theft, embezzlement, another form of deliberate withdrawal of property from the Arsenal after increasing the protection and the unit in 1,000 people, in fact almost impossible,” – said Matios.

“You could say that it attempts to hide any misuse or loss of property, no. It goes beyond any normal logic. Who would be there whatever was stolen, but to endanger the lives of more than 35 thousand people – is the pinnacle of… I don’t even know how you can qualify,” added the chief Prosecutor.

What did

The state border service has tightened border control on the Eastern-southern direction.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman flew in Kharkiv region to monitor the elimination of fire in warehouses of ammunition in Balakliya and its consequences.

Established a working group of experts on the examination of possible damage to residential and civic buildings.

The movement of passenger transport on the railway station Balakliyapromgeofizika and is organized by the backup scheme.

At the railway station Shebelinka S. on duty two fire trains.

“UkSATSE” temporarily covered the sky in a radius of 40 km from the scene of the fire, said the Ministry of infrastructure.

Police closed the road around Blakley.

The fire is still not liquidated and continues in the third Arsenal.

New earnings

Local residents are already trying to earn some money on the removal of people from Blakley.

Теракт или халатность? Пожар на складе в Балаклее


Not for the first time

Fires at Ukrainian ammunition depots occur with surprising regularity.

By the way, in Balakliia the projectile has also previously exploded.

October 10, 2003, the ammunition depot caught fire in Artemovsk Donetsk region.

Two people were injured in the incident. Shrapnel from the shells damaged dozens of houses and 120 private homes, five schools and three hospitals.

The investigation found that the fire occurred due to the operation of the welding equipment. The chief of service of missile and artillery weapons, along with the chiefs of warehouses have established the theft of metal. The culprits were sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with deprivation of military ranks.

In 2004 in the village of Novobogdanovka of the Zaporozhye area in the warehouse of the 275th artillery base of storage of ammunition caught fire, which resulted in the stock began to explode artillery projectiles and other ammunition. The explosions killed five people, four were injured, 81 people were hospitalized. Fully fire was extinguished in two weeks.

Shells flew at a distance of 10 kilometers. The cause of the fire at the warehouse of the investigation recognized a gross violation of military rules of fire safety.

A little more than a year, the situation repeated itself: all the same 275-y basis there was a fire with further detonation of ardardan. At this time, to localize the incident was managed in 3.5 hours. As a result of incident one woman was injured by shrapnel.

August 27, 2008 in the city of Lozova in Kharkiv region were the bombings on the territory of the 61st Arsenal of the southern expeditious command of land forces of armed forces of Ukraine. Exploded ammunition depots, where he kept 90 thousand tons of artillery projectiles.

In total, the explosions lasted for two weeks. In the result of incident were injured three people, thousands of people had to be evacuated.

In 2015, the military depots in Svatovo of the Luhansk region there was a fire where 16 people were injured, four civilians died. There are several versions of the reasons of ignition of the warehouse. One of them is the negligence of the officers, the second attack.