A trifle, but cheap. Developers minimize flats

Мелочь, но дешево. Застройщики максимально уменьшают квартиры

LCD Loft House in Podol offers the smallest apartments in Kiev, from 11 sq m

In an attempt to attract buyers, developers reduce the size of the apartments to a minimum.

Correspondent found selling the smallest apartment in Kiev, writes Elena Romaniuk in No. 11 of the magazine dated March 25, 2016.

The decline in the purchasing power of Ukrainians forces developers to minimize the size of the houses, thereby reducing its cost.

“Developers seek to maximize cost reduction projects both from the point of view of construction and engineering, and from the point of view of the future budget for the purchase. Accordingly, the size of apartments offered for sale, is constantly decreasing. This applies not only to projects the budget segment, but of housing,” — says Alla Kutsenko, Director of marketing consulting company City Development Solutions.

According to her, the structure of supply of apartments popping up all small-sized Studio apartments with a combined kitchen and living areas. Over the past year, the share of such apartments have doubled and, according to experts, continues to grow.

In 2015, the total volume of supply in the primary real estate market in Kiev more than 50% were one-bedroom apartments and Studio apartments economy class

Olga Zaremba, CEO and co-shareholder of the company Midland Development Ukraine

“In 2015, the total supply of primary real estate market in Kiev more than 50% were one-bedroom apartments and Studio apartments of economy class. The next step — reducing the size of the apartments,” says CEO and co-shareholder of the company Midland Development Ukraine Olga Zaremba.

Her words were confirmed by the managing Director of ARPA Real Estate Michael Artyukhov. According to him, over the last few years, the area of one-bedroom apartments or Studio flats has decreased in the capital in two, and sometimes three times.

On sale there was a one-room apartment with an area of about 10 sq. m. whereas previously it was considered the most a small apartment with an area of 32-36 square metres

Michael Artyukhov, managing Director of ARPA Real Estate

“On sale there was a one-room apartment with an area of about 10 sq. m. whereas previously it was considered the most a small apartment with an area of 32-36 square metres,” he said.

The expert adds that very small apartments (up to 25 square meters) in Kiev, while only a few thousand. However, they are sold much faster than apartments with large square footage.

A course on minimalism

The correspondent found the smallest apartment in Kiev in Podol LCD Loft House near St. m Taras Shevchenko. In the house after capital reconstruction offer the Studio from 11 to 35 sq m plus — ready design solutions. The minimum cost of apartments in the complex — $ 12.000.

First hundreds of residents resettled before the start of the new academic year and in the residential Smart House on the street of Engineering. The area of apartments in this former office building of the plant is from 18 sq. m. Minimum price $ 15.900 for the apartment.

Not far behind in this respect and full of new buildings. For example, in the LCD Kuzminski-2 in Sources, you can find two studios with an area of 14.4 sq. m (already sold), and in the residential complex Olympic village in Holosiivskyi district — the area 17,88 sqm In March, the price of apartments in this complex started from 15,000 UAH per sq. m.

Given the high demand for compact housing some developers, a correction of their projects.

“In the course of implementation of the complex we changed the plan: to Studio “dataqual” another room, and the remaining area was equipped Studio of 20 sq. m. In the sixth section, which will be commissioned in March next year, these apartments have 25. Eight or nine of them are already sold,” — says the Correspondent Ruslan from the sales Department. The smallest apartments in the complex now offered at $ 9.000 per apartment, i.e. $450 per sq. m.

Kopeck piece, three-pointers and even duplex apartments were planned and Kuzminski in the LCD-2. But with a corresponding demand in the complex redevelopment was carried out — the developers redrew about eight apartments, either as “babies”.

Was jimali footage of a room with 40 square meters to 26 square meters and the LCD Juliani. Now on the floor only one flat in squares 59 and 11 one-room apartments of 26 sq m to 46 sq. m.

Main customer

The main buyers of apartments-studios — young people, many of whom first apartment help to buy the parents, they say in the sales of residential complexes. In this footage more profitable to buy a small apartment than to pay for rental.

For example, in Loft House Podol considered that, when renting an apartment for the price of 4,000 RS per month for five years on the lease will go 240.000 USD, whereas a Studio with an area of 11.8 sq m can be bought for 273.000 USD.

“As a rule, small area purchase housing young people under the age of 30 years. It can be residents of other cities who came to the capital to study or work. For most of them it is the first private housing, equipped with a minimum of furniture,” says head of sales LCD Park Stone Dmitry Shostya.

Also “babe” popular among residents of other cities, who often come to the capital on business trips and spend quite a long time.

“They are tired of hotels, and for them such a purchase is quite appropriate. As a result, they receive the additional comfort and benefit”, — says Artyukhov.

Well, of course, the Studio apartments are bought by investors for subsequent lease. The demand for rental housing is small is always higher than an apartment with many rooms. Especially considering the rising cost of utilities.

In close quarters, but the law

Experts do not deny that small-sized housing will continue to be in demand, as long as the majority of people in Ukraine bring ends. And in the Wake of this demand will go to the developers.

“Today is an example of the construction of apartment houses in which you plan to 20 apartments on the floor. The decision of the developer clear — small apartment easier to sell to investors. And the cost per square meter in such apartments more expensive. But buyer needs to understand that small apartments are disadvantages that not everyone is willing to tolerate,” warned the Zaremba.

According to her, the first thing you need to remember buyers is that apartment complexes with small apartments do not provide the required number of Parking and improving infrastructure, in particular, the construction of new kindergartens and schools. Refusing to build the necessary infrastructure, the developer thereby reduces the cost per square meter.

However, to the rescue can come the architects. Director of project management company AIMM GROUP Anna Izquierdo claims that today they are already set new quality housing, and builders increasingly are being listened to.

“The so-called social housing now requires a new approach: presenting the architecture, landscaping, space for humans and not for machines, private secure courtyards. These criteria will help to stay the housing, where the total price for the apartment will be available, but the area will decrease,” she notes.

Another important aspect is compliance with DBN. “Housing 10-20 apartments on the floor, dormitory style, for example, must be assumed common to several apartments of a room. The management company should be prepared on concessional terms to ensure the normal operation of these facilities,” says the Zaremba.

According to DBN V. 2.2-15-2005, the area of a room in a Studio apartment should be not less than 15 sq m and a kitchen not less than 7 sq. m. This is the allowable minimum that must be adhered architects

At the same time, the head of the Association of investors of housing Oleg Petrovac notes that according to the DBN V. 2.2-15-2005, the area of a room in a Studio apartment should be not less than 15 sq m and a kitchen not less than 7 sq. m. Is the minimum allowed, to be followed by architects. Thus, legally anything less these indicators, is a direct violation of the law.

“In practice, the Association has not yet been cases that the object was given the status of “squatter” just because of the layout. However, any breach by the Builder is an additional risk for the investor housing. Therefore, buyers need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision to buy this apartment,” warns Petrovac.

A home for “sandwich”

The practice of building trendy apartments in a minimalist style is quite new for Ukraine, but completely understandable in other developed countries.

For example, in Sweden in the 70-ies built 1 million similar apartments.

Residents of Singapore and the region at the time also took advantage of the public housing program, offering a similar format of housing. These apartments in Singapore can be redeemed only after two years of residence. Those who have not acquired them in five years, was deprived of the right to become owners, and could in the future, this housing only to rent. The initiators of this project assumed that the former students who got a good job (often called “sandwiches” — people with good education, stable income but not yet successful in your career), during these five years could leave to work in other countries, but they had a place to return. This kind of anchor of human capital.

Frankfurt — city of banks and large investment companies microapertures are located near major banks, have professional management, inscribed in the architecture of the city and in great demand for young specialists.


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