A wave of “mining” has come to Simferopol

Волна "минирований" докатилась до Симферополя

“Miners” got to the Crimea

Unknown mined “the city Council” and the Crimean “Parliament”.

Tonight in the annexed Simferopol began a wave of calls about mining of administrative buildings, shops and shopping centres. Reported kryminform with reference to the employees of the Russian interior Ministry.

In particular, there have been calls about mining of buildings of the “city Council” of Simferopol and the “Parliament” of Crimea.

“Received a message about mining of the building number. Currently, there are all necessary verification activities”, – reported in a press-service of management of MVD of Russia.

Also users of social networks reported about the evacuation of people from buildings in commercial centres, particularly the South gallery, Auchan and Megan.

As reported Корреспондент.netfrom September 10 across Russia from-for an anonymous call had been evacuated hundreds of thousands of people. The threat of explosions in more than 400 buildings was not confirmed. In some regions of the Russian Federation criminal case about obviously untrue reports on acts of terrorism.

In law enforcement bodies consider that the wave of calls on Russia with threats of mining associated with the Islamic state.

Russia “mined” from Brussels – media