A young hacker from the Lviv region has spread virus-extortionist

Юный хакер из Львовский области распространял вирус-вымогатель

The young man two years have spread the virus-the extortioner

The virus encrypted the files and demanded a ransom for its decryption. The young man spread this virus software for two years.

The cyber-police has exposed the 17-year-old hacker in Lviv region, who established and spread the virus-cryptographer. On Friday, June 1, the press service of the Channel.

A young man was distributing a malware software 2016. The virus encrypted files on infected devices and demanded a ransom for its decryption.

Police searched the residence of men, where he removed evidence of his crime. So, militiamen found the laptop and the system blocks, which store various types of malicious software. In addition, from these devices, the young man logged on various hacker forums.

Police checked, involved a young man to international hacker groups. Also experts determine how many computers affected by the virus.

Earlier it was reported that the US hacker 13 years, followed by people using computers.

We will remind, in Kiev caught the hacker, who is looking for 30 countries, he was a member of the hacker group Avalanche, who worked for seven years.


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