About Avdeevka killed three Ukrainian military

The shelling of the Ukrainian strong point near Avdiivka, according to preliminary information, three servicemen were lost.

This was reported by the press center ATO page in Facebook.

Militants shelled Ukrainian positions with mortars of caliber of 120 mm.

“Already that time of the day, the Russian occupation troops, ignoring all agreements that were reached at the meeting of the contact group in Minsk, shelling of our positions with heavy weapons, in fact, the entire line of differentiation. Throughout the day, in different directions at the positions of our military and residential areas of settlements, the enemy used guns caliber 152-mm and 122 mm, as the 122-mm rocket complex portable “Grad-P” mortars 120-mm and 82-mm”, - stated in the message.

Recall that the militants since the beginning of the day 50 times fired at positions of forces ATO. Reported injured 4 soldiers.

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