About Dr. Komarovsky’s School

О Школе доктора Комаровского

Probably not on the post-Soviet territory of a person who has not heard about Dr. Komarovsky and his program “Dr. Komarovsky’s School”.

Over the years of its existence, and it is more than eight years, the program gained an audience in 14 countries and continues to enjoy success. Today we decided to learn more about the high-profile project and met with its Creator, the producer of the program, as well as companion and closest friend Dr. Komarovsky Igor Kretova.

-Good afternoon, Igor Vasilyevich! Why a show about kids?

Hello. The idea of the show, in fact, is a logical development of events. At the time of its creation, we were quite successful, a Clinic was opened with Dr. Komarovsky created a publishing house, launched into a level site, and in General it was possible to stop. Because all of these activities have been very successful – in Clinic no lack of patients, the books we produced and sold in huge numbers, and traffic to the site grew. But I was worried that the talent of Dr. do not end up implemented. Of course, at that time (this was 2010) Komorowski participated regularly in various television projects, but I knew that he was capable of more. Periodically there were suggestions, but they were not the right scale for such erudite and interesting personalities as Dr. Komarovsky.

After more than successful performances in the program “Big politics” proposals generally came down on us in countless. But all of them were talking about small programs, or participating in a certain category, or have the doctor’s other co-host, and at some point I said enough! Stick to my beloved principle. By the way, I adopted this principle from Komarovsky, and fully agree with him.

-What is the principle?

-You want to do something well, do it yourself. I decided that there was no need to wait for offers from TV stations, which will suit us. You need to develop your own format of the show is under the doctor. The show, which was not yet in the post-Soviet space.

And what is so special about this show?

-To answer this question, we need a very good understanding doctor. It is really extraordinary, talented man extremely erudite and charismatic. The man will not enter into any framework and scenarios. He is extremely good at improvisation, and even the most unusual long episode is able to record in one take without preparation. His ability to stay in front of the camera is delightful and the creeps in question is really a doctor or playing professional actor?

-The funny thing is perhaps that after the release of the first releases on the screens we received a lot of calls question – tell me what’s the name of this charismatic actor, who plays Dr. Komarovsky? Imagine, people even could not believe that the real doctor, the doctor who saved many lives, for many years worked in children’s hospital, is able to be a presenter at this level. Incredibly multi-faceted personality!

Therefore, the program needs to be built on interactivity, communication with the audience, and of course had to be interesting and humorous.

О Школе доктора Комаровского



I think you have achieved that goal. “School..” really looks easy and interesting. Tell us a little bit about the process of creating the program. I think it will be interesting to learn about it.

Thank you. When was developed the concept of the program, I began to search the Studio, together with which it will be possible to implement it. And this Studio was found. I signed a contract with the Kiev Studio “FILM UA”. This is an exceptional professionals, so after making minor adjustments to the concept we started the adoption team and the development of scenery.

-Who takes the audience on your show? Persistently rumored that to get to your program only on acquaintance or for a lot of money.

-(Laughs) Yes, what you are, it’s not. The selection is made only guests of the program among the stars, pop principle – the interests of star and the age of her child, under the theme of the program. And to get on the program as the viewer can be anyone, the main criterion – the presence of children and a desire to ask questions and to work with leading. Well, the love doctor Komarovsky, of course! (laughs)

And many stars visited the shooting of “Dr. Komarovsky’s School”?

Literally, all Vera Brezhneva, Vitali Klitschko, Olga Sumskaya, Hope Granovskaya, Vladimir Zelensky and many many others. All and I do not remember. There are mostly open and friendly people, and with many of us after filming had friendly relations.

-How many episodes of the programme was filmed?

-More than 500. And we are not resting on our laurels. Now we are working on a new project Ask Dr. Komarovsky. Which is very popular and very in demand.

-Well, Igor, thank you for the interview. Good luck with all your projects.

Thank you.