About hockey and investment. Interview With Kolesnikov

О хоккее и инвестициях. Интервью Колесникова

Boris Kolesnikov

Borys Kolesnikov has told to the Correspondent about the regular championship of Donbass, cities, comfortable for living, and the availability of mass sports in Ukraine.

President of hockey club Donbass, the owner of the confectionery holding agricultural holding of Konti and APK-invest Boris Kolesnikov told about the regular championship of Donbass, cities, comfortable for living, and the availability of mass sports in Ukraine

Not so long ago one of our Ministers said a wonderful phrase that Ukraine is not a winter country in terms of conditions for the sport. He thus justified the poor results of the Ukrainian athletes at the winter Olympics. So what is the Ukraine?

— We sverginata country [laughs]. Seriously, the links to the weather — it’s outright nonsense. Ukraine has all opportunities and conditions to conduct winter sports competitions at home and to prepare athletes for winter sports. I recall that at the time, to the construction of the main training bases for the Soviet Union national team in Alpine sports in Cheget, all the teams are trained in Western Ukraine.

The country should not accept the label of “winter” or “summer”. It’s not even from the twentieth century and from the XIX century. Now it is all about the availability of sports infrastructure.

That is investment?

— Yes, of course. You say: “Investment”, right, but that in General the question of who will pay for it. For, first of all, the material base, that is sports infrastructure. Two main components — training and coaching staff. That is, we need coaches who will ensure the application of effective techniques. But Ukraine, unfortunately, not only in winter but also in summer sports over 26 years of independence have lost the infrastructure and did not introduce modern methods of training athletes. Alas, nobody’s watching the trends.

And the coaching staff, unfortunately, is also largely lost. Of those who had worked 20 years ago, many are retiring. Young coaches no one encourages to stay in the profession and in the country. This is a huge omission from the party and state administration, and local councils.

And why do you need to invest in sports, what’s the point?

— Investment in sport? Today is pure charity. Playing sports is pure patronage. And non-fiction. For example, investing in a miner does not pay off never. If a country is stability, as they say, God forbid, that what the world has come, then maybe in 10-15 years, when the income level of Ukrainians will be equal at least with Eastern Europe, we can say that at least a powerful football clubs will not operate in the negative. And these years we still have to live, to have enough patience for patronage.

You see that Eastern Europe has no big football club, even in countries where the average wage is three to four times higher than in Ukraine today.

If you take hockey in the United States and Canada have long realized that it should “serve the living”. So all the stadiums for 20 thousand spectators and more. And basically more than half of the revenues of the clubs NHL is the sale of tickets for home matches. There every game is additional revenue. For our clubs, every match is an additional loss. Because I have to go, accommodation, food, transport, and tickets can be purchased loosely, or not sold at all.

What about income from matches in Ukraine?

— In Ukraine, in fact, all the hockey games almost free. And even if they will be sold? At the sports Palace Druzhba in Donetsk 4.100 places, it is a small stadium for big-time hockey. And if the budget of the club in the KHL (Kontinental hockey League), more than $30 million a year all income of DS Friendship for the year was $1 million Is concerts, with all the hockey and basketball events. For example, if you want to win the Gagarin Cup, you have to understand that you will have to deal with monsters such as CSKA, SKA, Magnitogorsk, AK bars, that is, with a historically strong school. To play in the finals of the playoffs and in the finals of the KHL, it is necessary today to talk about the budget of $20-25 million a year.

We are talking about the sport. And how such investments stimulate mass sport?

Mass sport is a General question No. 1. Even the sport of high achievements is not crucial for society as a mass sport. But! First of all, big-time sports provides guidance. That is, it is a beacon to the masses of boys and girls who play sports and see that their compatriots have become, God forbid, world Champions of Europe, won the club tournaments.

And here I insist that the development of mass sports a huge role still belongs to the local councils. And when the real decentralization, local councils will be able this function to fulfill.

For example, in the Polish clubs 70 % of the costs for winter sports, hockey cover local budgets. Because the same hockey school must have full vertical teams of players aged 5 to 16 years. And there must be a Junior team of 17-20 years. The adult team should also be the club, of course. Find out how many people should train in a school and club teams.

And we have by and large not enough players even in MLB. Before such clubs as Sokol and Dynamo (Kharkiv), made a selection of the thousands of boys, the unit could get into these hockey schools. The place was a place, and it was the dream of many. Now we are looking for talented children themselves, try to persuade parents. Of course, then they are drawn, and the child will not stop, it becomes very fast, but normal breeding, unfortunately.

You talked about the lighthouses in Ukraine, one of such beacons was Euro 2012. It gave the Ukrainian sports, especially the mass? Some “long tail” is formed?

— First of all, Ukraine has shown the world its technical capabilities. I got a call from many countries here were journalists, not only from Europe but from North America, Japan and other countries are, of course, was delighted. Promotion for Ukraine was gorgeous. Another question that did not use it and drowned in politics.

Of course, for youngsters, for kids it was an example. The best players in Europe, but in fact the world — was here. What gave? Infrastructure of Ukraine that has given a great impetus.

And the championship has given a boost in sport in the country, it is necessary that the national team of Ukraine at least won.

Here the process is interconnected. For example, 12 or 15 years ago, the football team of Germany, a very famous team, the beginning, as they say in football, “go”. The Germans for five or six years, built a huge number of sports centres. They turned on the head of all football, it is mass. And obtained the output a sharp rise interest in this sport, and the team became world champion.

Therefore, the development of mass sports, in addition to megaturnir, we need a strong, stable national Championships. You will see: the national Championships of England, Spain, Italy and Germany collecting not fewer viewers and attract no less attention than the Champions League. There will be a strong national championship — will necessarily achieve in any sport and will definitely be guidelines for society, for young people where to go.

Euro 2012 — clearly not the last such serious event for Ukraine. What experiences can be learnt from it? What experiences have you personally received when I restarted training under tight time pressure?

Yes, our training was only 15 months. The team that had for the previous three years to make the lion’s share of all works, unfortunately, did not make them. Because of this, the river has lost the ability to take the championship.

As for experience: if started in 2007 as planned, much would have done differently. First of all, for all terminals, five airports were investors. If you start at 2007, there really was build with private money. And all the public money spent on roads. The stadiums could be given interest-free loans same Dynamo, Metalist, Karpaty say. For 10-15 years. So do many countries in the world. This eliminates the issues of further operation and maintenance. For example, the clubs got a loan, built a private stadium, which will host five matches of the European championship. And contains it on the team — Yes, she of the interest on the loan does not pay, but the amount of debt to repay. That removes the state’s burden at the subsequent maintenance of the infrastructure. That’s the main thing that I would do.

And of course I would be demolished Olympic stadium, do not hesitate. If I’d had eight months more, I would have it demolished and built for the same money, the stadium is no worse than the Emirates stadium in London. Professional builders are well aware that the reconstruction of the old, generally more than new construction.

Now to the question of where should take the money to Finance the sport. What is needed in Ukraine, the incentives for this tax or any other?

— I don’t think you need any special tax incentives for the financing of sport. Want an example? So, I told the story: there are sponsors willing to give, for example, the children’s hockey school 1 million. But this sponsor is waiting for the law on sponsorship, which allows him to save 180 thousand UAH of a profit tax. I say: so let the sponsor is not waiting for the law to infinity, and just today, will give them 1 million and 800 thousand UAH. After this proposal — silence. That is, if you want to sponsor a sport, it is possible to do now.

Actually, what you need? Local councils have constructed fixed assets (sports infrastructure) and manage them. So, local councils have employed qualified personnel. To University of these coaches have prepared. To the young coach was paying market wages. Market trainer salary is the average salary in the country multiplied by three, or more, depends on the sport — then we can keep human resources.

And if we talk about mass sports as possible to encourage investment in private sports facilities projects? For example, many parents are willing to pay reasonable money for something that their child has engaged in some “proper” sports.

— It’s simple: demand creates supply. I don’t think we need anything special for this purpose. Private schools enough. But not enough parents who can pay for private school.

And often we get this: in Ukraine there are ice rinks, which contain local councils — or rather the city budget. There are two-three would-be coach organises a hockey team, they take the parents money for the children’s education. Someone from parents, more money and some less. And if parents have more money then their children will be in a “school” play in the top five. And that’s all. Therefore, no hockey, you know? But the first five only one in the team, I want to remind you. That is not sports principles.

It looks like a hybrid of sorts, as they say, melkogalechnyj, to call a spade a spade.

We need private schools. What can the state help? Let local councils build their sports arena and rent it to private schools for some reasonable money. Can open and to support municipal school even better. Public schools, by the way, is in the most developed countries of the world where almost all parents have money to sport for a child, but still such schools there too.

The state and local budgets still have to be some priorities in terms of sports — was not develop all at once. What sports do you think Ukraine would be a priority?

— For Ukraine, absolutely all acceptable. We have almost all types there is a tradition. Athletics — the Queen of sports? Is. But the question is: what are Kiev held an international competition at least in athletics over the past three or four years?

I don’t remember.

— Answer: zero. The last world Cup (among young men) was in Donetsk in 2013. We have planned for 2015 team championship of Europe. In Kiev there is all for these tournaments. There are hotels, airports, stadium is gorgeous. For European and world Championships have something to finish, penny work, more of a question of certification. But there is no competition.

Swimming is also quite worthy to stand in the list of priorities. Besides, as they say, is medalyami and generally useful kind of sport. Will not obtain from you a great swimmer, but you’ll grow up healthy!

Sports and artistic gymnastics. The school is good and there are Champions Olympic. Our countryman from Donetsk — Oleg Verniaiev, for example.

Cycling — although we really go nowhere. There is no road, we will lose all of the riders. That is all, except for really quite some exotic sports can be developed.

The amazing thing: on the background of a very mediocre situation with the Olympic movement, we remember the Olympics in Korea, we have a very strong, successful in terms of medals Paralympic team. Why is there a breakthrough?

— You know, is the Chairman of the Paralympic Committee of Ukraine Valeriy Sushkevich, right? This is exactly the case when it is not the place paints the person, and the person — place. Sushkevich, who for many years headed by the Paralympic movement, and he’s a real fan of his case. If it is not allowed in the door, he enters the window, in a figurative sense, of course. I believe that in many respects Ukraine’s success at the Paralympic games associated with him personally.

What should I do?

— To catch up. We lost material-technical base. We’ve largely lost technique, or rather, we are lagging behind little by little from modern technologies of preparation of sportsmen, because the world goes forward.

Apparently, this lag is one reason why many talented young Ukrainian athletes are leaving to potrenirovatsja, porazveyatsya abroad?

— Yeah, and then get citizenship, passports. That is, we absolutely do not value their athletes. We have good coaches, good technique, but, as a rule, lacks of sports infrastructure, you know?

Look: earlier in the football played in almost every yard, all, hopefully, remember it. But now what? This act of construction — it is no use to anyone, don’t people understand? Another five years will not be the present General plan of Kiev will lose the city. This property [pointing out the window towards the mass of the building] is now worth $1 thousand / sq m, eight years ago it cost $3 thousand / sq m, and will cost $300, and will sell to no one. “The city comfortable for living” — you know this term? But it cannot be used for Kiev.

It is often said that funding for children’s and youth sports is an alternative to funding the police and prisons. What role sport plays as a social tool?

— Indeed, if the Fund is a mass sport, the police and prisons will be less work.

To what extent is this applicable to Ukraine? The more that we’re in a difficult social situation. Children should be removed from the street.

— Well, kids — is already such that, taking over the TV channels.

So it is not the children.

— No, it’s teenagers are the most active part. But seriously, the situation is that school sport no. I asked my American friends: how are you doing with sports and societies, with something like a stations of young technicians in the United States? They say it all, of course. However, private and costs a lot of money.

But in normal schools there are so many quality sports grounds and halls, so much attention is paid to sports — can only dream of. The championship of Ukraine is not carried out as they have another championship to the city.

That it is necessary to do in Ukraine?

— To strengthen the material base. This is a task for local councils. In power in Central authority must remain the defence, security and foreign policy. The rest of the money and the authority down. And will do everything.

When Vitali Klitschko would not run for Prime Ministers, the infinitely evolving, and will know exactly what his budget and that no money from the city not take away, he will understand what, where and when to build. To each of the ten districts of Kiev was at least one or two really strong sport infrastructure. We need a platform and in every district, or the city itself loses its meaning at all — it is not urbanisation, but… I don’t even know what to compare it to.

Kiev is the capital, there is traditionally a lot of money. And what about cities, for example, 100-200 thousand, like Kropiwnicki, Kremenchug, Cherkasy, Melitopol?

— At the Central, national budget, there is money. There are local taxes. If local taxes are not enough, included the principle of subsidiarity. That is still the national budget to pay extra for it. Since life — she’s downstairs, you know? The administration of the President, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers is nothing but carbon dioxide is not produced. They can only reallocate from one basket to another. Therefore, one needs to clearly understand that there is a community, the community — if in Russian. The territorial community must be independent and self-sufficient. Or it is necessary to help her become one. And we look 26 years we have difficulties. Children who grew up for 26 years, have themselves become parents. And they do not care about our temporary-permanent difficulties. They are children — once.

You say that you have money from parents who are willing to pay for the sport for the child, where these children, how many? One good hockey school going children even in Kiev. We believe that the school was cost-effective, it should learn from ages 11 to 30 people. 330 people must be boys. So we need to 350 students for each school. We have 350 parents who are willing to pay for their child $300-400 a month?

In Kiev you can find, maybe.

Is the only city. But it “could be” means that someone will have to carry far enough. But the main principle of the European hockey: the child must get to training and back on public transport.

For example, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in Sweden and Finland there is a municipal sports infrastructure. Well, it’s all traditionally hockey country. There is in every village there is an ice rink. And in Ukraine it is possible to create the conditions, but we need sports infrastructure, as, for example, now the players are training from August to June of the following year.



1. “I bought him a new Volkswagen Passat on the same day”

During the preparation for Euro-2012 Boris Kolesnikov at a plant in Lviv, sitting behind the wheel of the bus and, touching him, damaged a police car, which stood in the “dead zone”. Then said to compensate for the damage. And the same day bought the car to replace the broken one. Andriy Sadovy said that do not need to, because in your next visit all of GAI of the city lined up at the airport and will be waiting when Kolesnikov sit behind the wheel.

2. “Seven student competitions — from $2 million a year”

Kolesnikov several years funded a program of student competitions. In particular, for an aeronautical engineer, architects, arespecialized and technologists of food industry. Competitions of student works, the winners go to the world famous exhibitions and professional forums. For example, students aviaphoto — on exhibitions Le Bourget (France) and Farnborough (UK).

3. “Until the Donbass war — what kind of elections are we talking about?”

Kolesnikov did not go into politics in 2014 during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada: “I refused the first room, unable to write. The party Opposition bloc. I called publicly to a cause, while in the Donbas is war — what kind of elections are we talking about? But I in no way want to blame those who went to the polls. Who wants to — please go ahead. But this is my personal opinion.”

4. Borys Kolesnikov himself invented the recipe Super Kontika

Indeed, Kolesnikov in 1997 came up with Super kontik — chocolate-biscuits-sandwich, as well as the formulation and strategy of bringing it to market.

5. “I want to win the Champions League in hockey. Necessarily”

“Yes, I really want to win the Champions League — said Kolesnikov. — The question is that few clubs in Ukraine. Football — 12. And some of them for gold really fighting two. And in hockey for the gold three fight club”. And Kolesnikov at the time, said Grygoriy Surkis, “the national team of Ukraine on hockey win gold medals of the world championship before the national team of Ukraine on football”. And these his words, he refuses: “I Changed the date but not the goal. I believe in the young, 1994-2002 year of birth. There will be a championship, I’m sure this season we hope to have eight clubs. Sure, the national team of Ukraine on hockey will win medals at the world championship certainly before the national team of Ukraine on football. I think it will be in the next decade. However, we have a “small” advantage. The world Cup is held every four years, and hockey every year.”