About Ilya the Kiva and his guns

Об Илье Киве и его пистолетах

Kivu has recorded the passengers who rode in the second car of the train Truskavets – Darnitsa. Took pictures and threw me. Directly I and even the passengers of the train, then called the police, because the man went with a gun in his belt. 70 and according to the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs on approval of the instructions safety precautions when handling weapons, he had no right to do that.

Об Илье Киве и его пистолетах

In addition, article 20 of the law on Napoli tells us that the police officer who performs the function in civil clothes is obliged to have a badge provided by law, except where the existence of a badge prevents carrying out secret investigative search actions. Very strange, what is investigative-search activities to conduct Ilya Kiva on the train “intercity”.

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In addition, in the morning he was again seen with a pistol at his belt, this open carrying of firearms. In the Internet appeared the photo.

Об Илье Киве и его пистолетах

Об Илье Киве и его пистолетах

As far as I know, two hours ago the head of Netpolice filed a submission on the dismissal of Kiva from the post of the chief of police of Ukraine. Now it’s up to the Minister Avakov…

Ilya Kiva consciously to some extent, this brings down police reform, not even coming to the certification. Seven times it was summoned to the recruitment centre of Netpolice on a test, he didn’t come. Coming up with different reasons.

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A logical question arises: why tens of thousands of employees of bodies of internal Affairs has passed the certification, and Mr. Elias was not passed?

Roman Sinitsyn

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