About the reliability of messaging: Why countries with censorship to block calls to Telegram

О надежности мессенджеров: Почему страны с цензурой блокируют звонки в Telegram

112.ua not only maintains its channel in the “Telegram”, and acquaints the readers with the novelties of this promising service. Not long ago, the Telegram has launched voice calls (we wrote how to configure them), but not in all countries they can be used. Some States do not allow their citizens the right to call in the “Telegram”. Service founder Pavel Durov explains why this is happening. The fact that the Telegram does not provide our data to the authorities, as do other services, and data encryption in the creation of culture at the highest level. In General, we advise you to subscribe to our channel in the “Telegram” and read an interesting blog Paul.

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As you probably heard, we recently launched an encrypted voice calls for Telegram. They are super to use and are improved over time using machine learning.

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Personally, I rarely get a phone call. When I lived in Russia, I used to never talk on the phone because every conversation was recorded by corrupt law enforcement. This habit has remained with me even after a few years ago I left Russia. I do not expect that the relevant bodies of other countries will have more respect for privacy than their Russian colleagues. In my opinion, they are the same everywhere, just do some better marketing.

Perhaps now my phone habits will change as I use safe calls in the Telegram to communicate with my team members and family. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

In countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Telegram traffic limit that they were not so comfortable to use. In other countries, such as China and Oman, it is completely blocked. In Iran, where the Telegram has about 40 million active users, voice calls Telegram was completely blocked by Internet providers and mobile operators on the orders of the judiciary.

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Have Telegram already had problems with restrictions in some parts of the world because, unlike other companies, we have consistently protected the privacy of our users and never make deals with governments. For three and a half years of its existence, the Telegram did not disclose a single byte of your personal data to any third party.

But services like WhatsApp, for example, are not blocked in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries known for their censorship. This is because of WhatsApp (and its parent company Facebook) happy trading trust users to increase market share. The statement that “WhatsApp and other third parties can’t read or listen to your messages and calls WhatsApp”, is wrong.

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WhatsApp is actually able to read and listen to your calls and messages, as they can silently change the encryption keys for 99.99% of its users.

Moreover, third parties such as Google or Apple, have direct access to most of the chats of WhatsApp users. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp has misled most of the users, and they allowed third-party backup. And this access is not limited only to those third parties. Apple and Google in turn are forced to deal with official requests for data from all the countries where they have business. As for your metadata on WhatsApp, they already sold to advertisers corporations Facebook.

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Stating that they are completely safe, our competitors may be involved in the largest consumer fraud in the history of mankind.

For comparison: Telegram relies on end-to-end encryption and embedded encrypted and distributed cloud for messaging, and multimedia. Corresponding to the decryption keys is divided into parts and distributed to different jurisdictions of different countries. This structure makes your data in the cloud is a hundred times more secure and safe than when they are stored centrally at Google, Facebook or Apple.

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It is not surprising that governments and regulators are dissatisfied with the existence of the Telegram. Let them block the way I want. We don’t change our principles. We will not betray the trust of our users. I know that uncomfortable if Telegram (or its functions) is limited in your country. But sometimes it’s better to stop using the service than to continue to use it, trusting in an imaginary security.

That is why for years I avoided phone calls in Russia and abroad. And that’s why I can go back to them now in the Telegram.

Pavel Durov

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