About Ukrainians, trust and big business: Prizeme

Об украинцах, доверии и большом бизнесе: Prizeme

The company Prizeme, which deals with the drawing of money prizes among its clients, is not the first faced with catastrophic distrust on the part of Ukrainians.

They do not want to participate, I’m afraid to get on speculators, which extracted all the money earned by honest labor. Often it happens that people win, but I do not believe this and do not pick up your prize. We decided to find out where did this problem grow legs and what is the reason of such behavior?

All because of the “dashing 90-e”, a time when many people suffered at the hands of scams because of their gullibility. People do not checked, were poorly informed and were any options for divorce. Now everyone thinks that to win anything in our country is simply impossible, and reject any suggestions. Every second is sure that legitimate lotteries do not exist, everything is rigged and bought and all winnings taken by the relatives of the organisers or any prizes there at all. But the situation changes each day and appear on the market fair organizers, who are suffering from the distrust of people and damaged the reputation of this sector.

In Prizeme sure that this must be addressed. The main problem is that in the country there are too many dishonest organizers, moreover, swindlers, no one controls and is not punishing, so if you don’t want to get them for the bait, you need to learn to check a company on transparency and legitimacy. How can I do that? Look the website and read all the rules of the company – they should be clear and as understandable. Call the hotline and ask all your questions, if you do not respond or is not available is a sure sign of a Scam. Don’t be lazy find out more information – it will save you and your nerves in the future. If you would like to attend, become a customer of the company or to repost the publication is much more likely that you are an honest organizer, what if You are asked to provide Bank account details to transfer the prize, or pay tax for the prize (which, of course, then nobody will).

Prizemeборется stereotypes of Ukrainians and hopes to be able to change the situation of total deception. After all the honest companies do exist, but their reputation is suffering because of the activities of the tricksters who undermine the people’s confidence in this area.We want you to be a careful consumer and check who is in front of you is an honest host, or a blatant liar.