About war and Russia. Listening to and reading President

Про войну и Россию. Что слушает и читает президент

What books and songs recommended by the President Poroshenko to the Ukrainian.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko traditionally, the beginning of the year, shared the most interesting, in his opinion, books and songs.

Music Poroshenko advised to listen only Ukrainian. And the books are foreign authors.

Correspondent.net will tell about the preferences of the President.


According to Poroshenko, the Ukrainian music in 2017 has made a significant step forward.

“There are many modern and interesting music. But most importantly, this year has shown that Ukrainians want to listen to songs in their native language”, – the President added.

Playlist from the President as follows:

1. Riffmaster – Priyshov Quietly, Quietly Psow ABO Special Song Znachennya.

In the first place, Poroshenko military song about the special forces.


ОNUKA is a Ukrainian electro-folk, which in 2017 began to gain popularity in Europe. Performance ONUKA on the last day of the “Eurovision 2017” became a real sensation and conquered foreign students. Latest mini-album ONUKA “Vidlik” even entered the iTunes charts in several European countries.

Poroshenko also decided to keep up with the trends.


“I so often write about dramas, but here I wanted to create a bright song, I wanted soft light. This song is not similar to what we did before. I doubted whether we take it into work. But the reaction of the Shaft, guys-musicians and all of our friends on Juravl was so touching that left no doubt” – says about the song Juravl THEHARDKISS soloist Julia Sanin.

4. Pianoboy – Vitchizna

Song Rodina Dmitry Shurov wrote back in 2012.

And in 2017 he introduced its Ukrainian-language version. According to the musician, creating new versions became a real test for him, since his song is already four years had deeply rooted in him. Thanks to the successful work on the arrangement and new text Vitchizna sparkle with new colors and told another story of a man who is forced to fight for the integrity and freedom of his native land.

5. DakhaBrakha – Monakh

6. March Novo An Automated Workplace – – – Wopl Doplease

The video for this song released on the Day of armed forces of Ukraine. Oleg Skrypka said that being at the front with concerts, he met a soldier-a volunteer Arikawa Pasternak. During the commemoration of soldiers who died on the eve of the enemy mortar fire, the idea of the song – the March of the Ukrainian army.

“Not the usual solemn March, which all used to hearing in military parades. We are talking about the national anthem of the Ukrainian heroes. Who have stood in Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo, Peski, Avdeevka, other cities and towns of Donbass. Which even an enemy called cyborgs for the resistance shown in the Donetsk airport”, – said the Violin.

7. Tina Karol – “Peracetate”

An amazing story about mental connection, testing and long-awaited meeting – so the song itself describes Carol. Poroshenko likes love songs? Or wants like many women’s army of fans Carole.


Poroshenko said that due to the busy schedule, time to read remains very little.

1. “Mustafa Cemil. Diehard” Sevgili Alim Aliyev and Musayev.

The first book that advises Poroshenko talks about the biography of the leader of the Crimean Tatar people, MP Mustafa Cemil.

The book is based formed materials obtained from more than 50 hours of interviews recorded for 2014-2016 in several countries, from the annexation until the victory of Jamala’s “Eurovision 2016” and the release of his son Mustafa Cemil Hayser, which are accompanied by comments of famous personalities, well-known Jemilev, tell about the life of the leader of the Crimean Tatar people and Crimean Tatar dissident movement. The book contains unique photographs, including those provided to the authors by Dzhemilev.

2. “Lubomyr Husar. Want to be”, Kateryna shchotkina.

Husar died in 2017. “If I had to choose an adjective which corresponds exactly to the image of the Patriarch Husar, I would not hesitate for one second to fearless,” writes Shchetkina.

“I want to be a man” — the refrain of the last years of his Beatitude — in fact, the real prayer.

3. “War with Russia”, Richard Shirreff (translated by Larissa Lebedenko, Raisa Laduhina).

This is a book about a hypothetical war between Moscow and Brussels.

4. “Civilization. As West became successful,” Neil Ferguson.

The global dominance of Western civilization is an important phenomenon of the last five or six centuries. Why is the redistribution of power, in which highly developed and strong East surrendered their positions?

Ferguson believes that the blame – the basic principles and the installation of capitalism, which, in fact, keeps afloat our civilization.

The famous British historian, journalist, Professor Harvard, senior research fellow, Oxford and Stanford, teaches history with a passion and conviction that sometimes becomes ashamed of the ignorance of certain facts and adherence to media cliches.

5. “Shevchenko”, Leonid Ushkalov.

The personality of Taras Shevchenko, for many Ukrainians is associated, rather, with the monuments in the main squares and the image of the poet than with the man and his work. The book Leonid Ushkalov helps to see of Taras Shevchenko from an unexpected side, as a person with their tastes, preferences, beliefs.

“Very impressed with the artistic look. primarily as a person, not only of the poet. This bright and life-affirming sketches of the great Ukrainian, full of light, joy, faith and hope. This book confirms that our heritage conceals a great treasure and it deserves to get back to it”, – says Poroshenko.

The President also advised at least to review the publication “Decommunized: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics” Yevgeny Nikiforov, Lizaveta Herman and Olga Balashova with photos of monumental Soviet mosaic.