Abramenko: gold medal of the Olympics came as a shock to me

Абраменко: Золотая медаль Олимпиады стала шоком для меня

Alexander Abramenko

Olympic champion Alexander Abramenko said what I was thinking during Olimpiadi and shared plans for the future.

In the Olympic house was awarded the best athlete of the Olympic champion in ski acrobatics of freestyler Alexander Abramenko.

In communication with reporters, Alexander said, due to which managed to bypass Chinese Jia of Zoniana in the fight for the gold, weighed what was expected of him the medals and what are your future plans?

– How to You was the first week after winning an Olympic medal?

– The stress. Journalists did not give rest. I was well received at home home, we celebrated my victory with friends, with parents. Was positive aspects.

From a professional point of view tell us how did you managed to circumvent Chinese Jia of Zoniana in the fight for the gold, because jumping you have had the same?

The rating was not the maximum that I have that he (Abramenko scored 128,51, and Tsugane was 128,05). The maximum for the jump of 135 points. We both made mistakes when landing. My attempt was done quicker, I’m faster on its feet, so this difference in the estimates.

– Can we call this jump – the best in career?

– No, I received a much larger amount of points.

Абраменко: Золотая медаль Олимпиады стала шоком для меня

– About what were thinking during the winning jump?

– Before the Olympics, I set myself as a minimum earn some kind of medal. What happened to win a gold medal – for me was a shock.

It seemed to be my fourth Olympics and I have less to worry about, to be more precise, but I was wrong – I worried and worried as ever. During the performance I have experienced, not to be mistaken in the element to land successfully and to compete for a medal. Helped me experience, I could control the excitement.

At the start I was in a kind of trance, and only the next day I departed and realized that I am the Olympic champion.

– Did you feel any pressure before the Games You were waiting for medals? And didn’t press it?

– The very fact that they expect a medal – it has responsibility. Plus on itself under pressure. I always say that one should not fight against opponents, but with yourself.

– This success can become a catalyst for the development of freestyle in Ukraine?

– We hope so. Now there is a progress already, there is talk about how to upgrade database in Tisovec, where would be possible to train. This is the best option, if you take into account the issue of “price-quality”. Perhaps in coming years we will have a summer base for all disciplines of freestyle.

You know, when you go to collect abroad, you have limited time. In these terms you must go for the high, and sometimes, that health fails, you’re out of shape. When jumping in this state, accumulated error, but because there is no time to skip workouts – you jump. The base of the house allows, if necessary, take weekends off.

Абраменко: Золотая медаль Олимпиады стала шоком для меня

– What are your plans for the next Olympic cycle?

– I definitely remain in sports but do not want to think far. Our sport is ignoble business. I set an annual goal now is the world Cup and I’m preparing for it.

– When you plan to return to training and does not pull now to train?

– While I have not had time to rest, practice until there is no desire. But when rested, it will appear in may, as usual, we’ll start to prepare.

– Are there any changes in the program? There may be a jump, which I would like to try?

I don’t know yet. Going with the coach to talk directly to the training period. Always it is necessary to prepare three different jump. Definitely can not say, we shall see.

– If there is a desire to repeat the achievement of the 2016 and again to win the world Cup?

– My collection is not enough world championship medals. Therefore, all the forces I would send to the world Cup.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Ukraine Poroshenko awarded the order of Abramenko.

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