“Absurd” the victory Day: social media reaction on may 9

"Абсурдный" День победы: реакция соцсетей на 9 мая

“Pobedobesie”: the reaction of the social networks on may 9

May 9 in Ukraine held events dedicated to the 73 anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war. In social networks actively discussing the celebration of Victory Day and its absurd manifestations.

In Ukraine and Russia held a festive parade, March “Immortal regiment” and drgua, dedicated to the victory Day. Users of social networks are actively discussing the occasion.

The first thing that you notice in the Network is that the propaganda in Russia around the Day of victory is so great that the celebration “breaking all records”. Writes about this on his page in Facebookроссийская journalist Elena Rykovtseva.

Critical comments the journalist and the action “Immortal regiment”. According to her the essence of the action now is just to collect as much “extras”.

Support the position of Rykovtseva and social networks. “The right amount “grandfathers” harvested”, – the irony of the Immortal regiment March in Moscow on the page “time of Troubles”.

Not less than one million people are expected to take part in March “Immortal regiment” in Moscow.
Need for this case, the number of “grandfathers”. pic.twitter.com/mWSyNDQ4uh

— Motoarena (@Durevestnik) 9 may 2018.

Other users share their photos of “absurd” to the victory Day. Among these “masterpieces” skeletons with ribbons “may 9”, the sets in the Windows of shops with medals on St. George ribbon, military attributes and a bottle of vodka with a snack.


It was previously reported that in Russia they sell Slippers with the image of veterans.

“Not patriotism, and idiocy”. In Surgut Victory Day sell sneakers with veterans: https://t.co/gNfEn8IorF pic.twitter.com/mo4LulcCcI

— Life | news (@lifenews_ru) 3 may 2018.

In Engels, the memory of the veterans decided to honor a trolley, decorated with the St. George ribbon, caste dummy and the eternal flame.

The journalist of “Echo of Moscow” on the page in Facebookразместил post about the children’s uniform.

And journalist Victoria Ivleva has shared his collection of photos of balloons in the form of tanks, soap with the image of veterans in the form of grenades, cakes in the colors of St. George ribbon.

Not a small amount of caustic reviews from both the Russians and Ukrainians, came to the parade in Moscow on 9 may. Some say that on the occasion one of Putin did not come, others that the Russian parade is more like the action in Iran.

None of the foreign guests in addition to Vucic and Netanyahu parade Putin has not arrived. And those lured by the negotiations. The President of Serbia Vucic even koloradku not pinned. pic.twitter.com/fGj355jEml

— Catch up! Е7Ы09 (@mix_voronezh) 9 may 2018.

Today’s parade in Moscow, began to resemble the parades in Iran with these UAV platforms and cart Oise pic.twitter.com/Ls4XLSbXJF

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) 9 may 2018.



Pass the person to the Parade! pic.twitter.com/6RTszfzBNQ

— Margarita Simonyan (@M_Simonyan) 9 may 2018.

Judging by the stunned look of Steven Seagal, which he watched the Victory parade, the representative of the exceptional nation suddenly realized that all my life dreamed to be Russian.

— Philip Maslowski (@soulstray) 9 may 2018.

Making his way to the Parade, met the robot, sang Katyusha! pic.twitter.com/cCljalLLB5

— Margarita Simonyan (@M_Simonyan) 9 may 2018.

It is worth noting that March “Immortal regiment” were also held in California, China, Syria and the Czech Republic.

“Immortal regiment” in Latakia, Syria pic.twitter.com/DXbN2i6dIY

— Friendly people (@vezhlivo) 9 may 2018.



Immortal regiment in Beijing. First steps. pic.twitter.com/gUHBknkSqk

— The Asian Herald (@AsiaVestnik) 9 may 2018.

Recall that in Russia on victory Day hung banners with bugs

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