Acid and bullets in the back. The attacks on activists in Ukraine

Кислота и пули в спину. Нападения на активистов в Украине

One day in Ukraine happened just two resonant attacks on social activists. Militiamen promise to find the culprits, and the activists are sure that the problem is the lack of punishment for previous crimes.

In Ukraine continue to attack social activists. Now from green stuff and beatings moved to acid and killing.

High-profile crimes occurred in Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. has gathered information on attacks on civil society.

Murder in Berdyansk

In Berdyansk on July 31 in the courtyard of his house shot a well-known local activist and former soldier of the ATO Vitaly Oleshko (call sign “nomad”). Oleshko during the events of Euromaidan created in Berdyansk Self-defense. After the war in the Donbass volunteered for the front, was captured.

After the return from captivity, the Bank received the order For Courage and became an urban activist, regularly attacking local authorities and involving colleagues at the ATO. In YouTube many videos with stock, which were attended by Oleshko. He accused local officials of corruption, the plundering of the earth, held a rally and Zaporozhye regional administration.

Two hours before the murder, Vitaly Oleshko scandal at hardware meeting of the Executive Committee, where he tried to get garbage collection in the city and raising the salaries of janitors.

According to a friend of Andrey Oleshko Madzharova, in front of which it happened, the murder of the Sarmatian may be involved in the ex-mayor of Berdyansk, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Ponomarev from the faction the will of the people with whom Oleshko was a long-standing public conflict.

“He’s now our main suspect. With this man at the level of Berdyansk and Zaporozhye region has long been a political war. The city is now a monopoly on power utilities, the city Council, officials are relevant to the MP, they also help him to withdraw money from the budget, and Vitaly tried to stop it,” – said the Madjars.

Each Sarmatian claims that Vitaly repeatedly threatened.

There are suspects

A few hours after the murder Oleshko police detained in the Zaporozhye region five suspects. Law enforcement authorities claim that he committed a crime former soldier of the ATO. According to police, the organized group produced a car in the “EuroBLECH” in order to escape from the area after the murder and “cover their tracks” and for its implementation in the city of Berdyansk used a different car. While the detainees remain silent and not testify.

The media found out that вероятныq killer sarmata is a native of Makeyevka Artem Matyushin. He served in the ranks of the battalion “Tornado” (according to others – also appeared in the “Aydar”), where he mastered the skills of the sniper-saboteur, and wore call “Rabbit”. After removing the units from the zone ATO, Matyushin and several more soldiers joined the ranks of “Azov”. On the page “Hare” in the social network can be found a number of posts dedicated to the promotion of the activities of the project structure (for example, “National teams”).

Law enforcement officers cannot tell the motive of the murder Oleshko and promise to work on all versions.

Whilst there is no economic activity Oleshko, or political. The investigation will examine the involvement of the people’s Deputy Alexander Ponomarev for the murder of Sarmat.

Although Ponomarev any involvement in the murder of activist denies. “The statement of the assistants liked about the alleged my involvement, made in the emotional heat is, of course, complete nonsense. As far as I know law enforcement officers have now lots of versions. Apparently, people were active, including in business, and not always, this activity was creative. Of course, my competitors are now actively using the incident and are trying to introduce public opinion and result in error. But I’m sure the police will understand. I Express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased”, – said Ponomarev.

Acid in Kherson

In Kherson unknown attacked the management of the Affairs of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk. He poured the 33-year-old woman with acid when she came out of the door.

According to police, the assailant who doused the face of an employee of the city Council “an unknown substance (pre-acid)” went out to meet her from the bushes. He is about 20-25 years. The man was dressed in a dark shirt, dark cap, brown shorts and dark shoes.

Gandzyuk received burns over 30% of the body: acid fell on her back, arm and head, including the eyes. Her condition is serious but stable, the activist was transferred for treatment in Kiev.

Gandzyuk – known in the Kherson public figure, member of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council, in the fifth and sixth convocation of the city Council were members of the Fatherland, broke with this party after a conflict with its regional leadership, in addition, she collaborated with UN agencies.

Some experts think the attack on Catherine was involved militiamen. “Gandzyuk few years been a nightmare to local law enforcement, and revealed their scheme. And I do not exclude that the police could be the customer of attack on it,” – said the coordinator of the Media initiative for human rights Olga Reshetilova.

Attorney Masi Nayyem, who visited Catherine Gandzyuk in the hospital, on his page on Facebook gave her story about the attack.

“Came out, I got sprayed. Felt something warm. Then I realized that the clothes started to melt. Home could not go. Passers-by tried to rinse it with water,” said the woman.

According to Masi Nayem, the driver told me that her hair and clothes were Smoking from corrosion by the acid. The lawyer said that the father of the female victim saw her assailant man a few days ago, when Catherine Gandzyuk was in Kiev.

Masi Nye also writes that Gandzyuk barely managed to open one eye to look at the flowers that she brought. In addition, he said that the police had not yet confiscated the video with the attacker, which was circulated on its page in Facebook, and has not determined what poured Catherine Gandzyuk.

A global problem?

On Wednesday, under the Ministry of internal Affairs held a rally against the inaction of the security forces after attacks on activists and high-profile killings, people were required to connect to the investigation of the security Service of Ukraine.

Also among the announced stock demands – the resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the dismissal of the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Kherson area, outdoor report from the interior Ministry on all matters related to the attacks and murders of activists, human rights defenders and journalists.

In Kherson under the building of the interior Ministry also held a rally demanding a thorough investigation of the case Gandzyuk.

“I believe that such cases must not be allowed to investigate local authorities, because they, as a rule, are involved in pressure on activists. Cases of attacks on journalists and activists, which the police is absolutely inactive, for decades. This is a consequence of nerafinirovannoye police, the majority of the main enemy of activists, not criminals or separatists. We cannot pursue investigations of crimes, not to mention the protection of activists. Police reform we have not made the main disconnection between the criminals and the police. I do not exclude that similar cases will occur in the future if not investigated in the previous resonance case,” – says the coordinator of the Media initiative for human rights Olga Reshetilova.