Active exercise may reduce the risk of early death − scientists

Активные тренировки уменьшают риск ранней смерти − ученые

Physical activity prolongs life

Intense exercise increases the flexibility of the heart muscle.

Cardiologists from the southwestern medical center the University of Texas concluded that exercise helps fight aging of the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of premature death. The results are presented on the website MedicalXpress.

Experts conducted an experiment with two groups of middle-aged people, a total population of 50 people.

The first group for two years engaged in active exercise, the second is yoga.

In this exercise, which was carried out 4-5 times a week, lasted, mainly, 30 minutes, with the exception of training for a duration of one hour, when the subjects had spent time walking, aerobics, Cycling or tennis. During the first three months of performed exercise of moderate intensity, and after 10 months high.

The results of the study showed that people from the first group, the consumption of oxygen during physical activity increased by 18 percent and the flexibility of the heart muscle increased by 25 percent.

Scientists gave two reasons for early death

Scientists say that for best result of regular physical activity should begin before the age of 65.

Previously, scientists have found that even a two-week break in exercise increases the risk of diseases.

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