Activists From captivity of DNR freed two Ukrainians

Активисты: Из плена ДНР освободили двух украинцев

People arrested in the “case of journalist Aseeva”.

On the Donbass from captivity of separatists freed two people. This was reported by the coordinator of the group for the liberation of Patriot prisoners of war Oleg Kotenko in the air of Hromadske radio.

According to him, these are people detained under the “case Aseeva” – journalist who worked in Donetsk, and wrote for the Ukrainian mass media under the pseudonym Bob. Released already on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The others arrested on this trumped-up case was still in captivity.

Note the disappearance Aseeva 7 Jun said the former people’s Deputy Egor Firsov. According to Ukrainian Pravda, Aseev from the very beginning of the occupation of Donetsk remained to live in the city. The last time he was out on bond on 2 June.

Later in DND said that Aseev arrested and against him a criminal case, which is controlled by “the General Prosecutor’s office of the DNI”.