Activists urged to nationalize ATB

Активисты призвали национализировать АТБ

About 100 activists, the ATO veterans and ordinary citizens picketed on Tuesday, December 20, one of the newly built shops of the supermarket chain ATB in Kiev. About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

In particular, the participants declared that they consider ATB “accomplices of the Russian occupiers”, because, in their words, “the network pays taxes in the Crimea and Russia, as well as cooperating with the terrorist DPR and LPR”. “We believe that just as eve was nationalized “PrivatBank”, should be nationalized and the largest supermarket chain ATB. Not only that, they poison our citizens with substandard products, so they also cooperate with the aggressor country. It is the money earned on the blood of our children, in the tears of their mothers,” – said the organizer of the activist Yaroslav Godunok.

According to the newspaper, the activists came with posters “ATB” – a large toilet, which feeds the Russian world” and also taped the stickers store “ATB” and the network “Glutton” is sponsors of terror”, shouted the slogans “the Suitcase, station, Russia!”. Participants of the action handed out to passing citizens leaflets describing the activities of “ATB” in Crimea and “DNR”. The media notes that “as a symbol of the nature of the network’s cooperation with the occupiers, on the threshold of the store placed a pig’s head”.

In the words of Godunok, such an action is helpful, because “the scope of cooperation ATB with the aggressor deserve so much more active reaction”, and called on all concerned citizens to join in the picketing, which promises to make daily. In addition, he also urged Ukrainians to refrain from purchasing products in the ATB in favor of any other outlets – bazaars, small businesses, other networks. “We need to show the collaborators of the occupier, that all Ukrainians know about their real insides,” added the Godunok.

He stressed that “a special cynicism from the nominal owners of ATB, which are Gennady Butkevich, Evgeny Ermakov Viktor Karachun was the announcement of the expansion of business in Russia just at the moment when the network began to open stores in Western Ukraine.” “It is a mockery of our people, it’s a real cynicism, which is famous for the Kremlin and its minions. Moreover, we have every reason to believe, based on numerous publications in the media that the real owner “the seventh continent” are not the businessmen from the Dnieper, as the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev on equal footing with the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk terrorists who need to somehow withdraw money from zone “ATO”, – he stressed. According to activists, they intend to continue action and to contact the police to halt the activities of “ATB” in Ukraine.