Actor Pashinin told why went to fight in the ATO

Актер Пашинин рассказал, зачем пошел воевать в АТО

Anatoly Pashinin has gone to fight in the zone ATO

The actor went to fight for Ukraine because more could do nothing to help the country.

The former star of the Russian movies and serials Anatoly Pashinin, who a month ago became a volunteer and went to serve in a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operations, commented on TSN its decision.

According to star Storm the gate, he went to fight for Ukraine because more could do nothing to help the country. With the beginning of the ATO, he left Russia and left the job.

“What can you do if there is no more money, and earn nowhere?” – said the actor.

Now Pashinin is at the forefront in the eighth separate battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army of Aratta.

“I am not here to perform the duty of being with these nice guys. I catch a buzz,” says the actor, who took the call Understudy.

Note, pashinina have a Russian passport, which he calls the “Russian ones”.

Anatoly Pashinin was born in the Kirovograd region, spent his childhood in Odessa. In the fifth year of Zaporozhye state engineering Academy went to Moscow, where he entered the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. To act in films began in 2001. In 2014, he moved from Russia to Ukraine. Has repeatedly spoken out in support of Euromaidan. He made several visits to the zone of armed conflict, is personally acquainted with many Ukrainian servicemen.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the actor Anatoly Pashinin met with the independence Day of Ukraine in the trenches in the area of ATO.