Admingranitse in the Crimea “disappeared” queue

На админгранице с Крымом "исчезли" очереди

Crimean authorities have reported about the kilometer-long queues of Ukrainians wishing to get on the annexed Peninsula.

The queue between mainland Ukraine and the Crimea, as evidenced by the web camera on the administrative border of the Kherson region with the Crimean Peninsula, not as extensive as reported, the Crimean authorities.

Since yesterday Russian media reported, citing the FSB in the Crimea, on the checkpoints with mainland Ukraine lined kilometer queue.

“Visually the highest number of vehicles noted in the Chongar checkpoint the Ukrainian side, there are more than 70 cars. It’s mostly tourists who go to the Crimea”, – said the FSB, noting that the Ukrainians stand for 13 hours in queues.

Today, the Crimean authorities announced that Kiev is the fourth blockade of the Crimea – tourism.

The head of the Crimean ethnic Committee of the Russian Federation Zaur Smirnov, citing “sources from among the employees of the state border service of Ukraine”, said the guards were instructed to prevent Ukrainian tourists.

“These measures are dictated by the fear that the Ukrainians will see the real situation in the Crimea, where ethnic harmony reigns. We are pleased to see Ukrainian tourists in Crimea, but the attempt of Kiev to block the travel of its citizens does not frighten us, because Crimea depends on Ukrainian tourists,” – said the official.

Late in the day, many Russian media have released articles about how the Ukrainian government will not let citizens to rest in the Crimea.

At the same time, such publications as news and News, has released a video with footage of long queues at the entrance to the Crimea.

RT illustrated the queue at the checkpoint Chongar a photograph of the resident of the Crimea, which he laid out in Instagram 14 June.

But if you look at broadcasts from web cameras installed at the checkpoint Chongar, Kalanchak and Chaplynka, the queue at the moment do not reach up to ten cars.

However, according to the taxi driver carrying tourists from Kherson region of Crimea, contacted the editors, there is a queue but not as long as described by the FSB – they can take up to eight hours.

He noted that have to take place from 5-6 in the morning to three hours to spend those 9 hours come by train from Kiev.

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