Admingranitse in the Crimea was not working the checkpoints, now the admission of citizens of the restored

На админгранице с Крымом не работали пункты пропуска, сейчас пропуск граждан восстановлен

The checkpoint on adminpraise “Chongar”

On adminpraise with the annexed Crimea to pass people and vehicles through the points “Kalanchak”, “Chaplinka”, “Chongar” was suspended for about four hours. The reason was technical problems in the Central database, reported in a press-service of the State fiscal service in the Kherson region.

The reports on the suspension passes through the points “Chongar”, “Armenian”, “Chaplynka” appeared around 13:00.

In the State border service of Ukraine also reported instability of the database of customs, and all the checkpoints on the border has slowed control operations in both directions.

As of 17:00 h pass through the points on adminpraise restored.

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We will remind, last time the citizens pass through the checkpoints were stopped in August, then the Russian party blocked the passage.