Advice from Suprun. How to go to work after the holidays and not quit.

Советы от Супрун. Как выйти на работу после отпуска и не уволиться

After the holiday season it’s hard to go to work

The so-called “postvacation syndrome” makes people irritable, suppressed mood, temperature can increase.

Acting Minister of health Suprun told how to make this process as comfortable as possible and not to quit. This is with reference to the psychologist-psychotherapist Denis Lavrinenko Minister said on his page on Facebook.

According to her, the so-called “postvacation syndrome” makes people irritable, suppressed mood, temperature can increase, worsen chronic diseases and appear sleepy, which is only a temporary glitch – “unconsciously trying to extend their vacation.”

“According to research over 75% of all applications for dismissal written that after the holidays, with more than 35% of workers laid off in the first week after returning from vacation,” notes Suprun.

The Minister advises how to get back to work or school after the holidays:

  • eat healthy (less junk food);
  • good sleep (at least 7-8 hours), Wake up a little earlier to get ready effortlessly;
  • find the time for distancing from the sources of stress;
  • plan inaction;
  • start the morning with a light warm-up, do not use the Elevator and the car, walk a different route;
  • if possible, do not always hold for complex cases or tasks;
  • take breaks at work every 2-3 hours for 10-15 minutes;
  • after work or study make an enjoyable evening: walking, shopping going to the movies.

Earlier, the civil service for the first time in five years, noted the growth of employment.


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