Advisor Avakov Kiva resigned and went into politics

Советник Авакова Кива уволился и ушел в политику

Ilya Kiva has written the application at own will.

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Ilya Kiva left his post to devote himself to politics. He said that in an interview the Country.

“I’m a man of principle. Left. On their own,” commented the ex-the adviser to the interior Minister.

“Now the calm before the storm, and we are sitting on the shore. I feel the strength to paddle on. And finally, I want to break. I keep myself restrained. I had to follow the rules and chain of command, occupying the post of Minister of internal Affairs,” he said.

Kiva also said that Avakov does not Fund the socialist party.

“There comes a time when Chicks fall out of nests. I am 40 years old, I have my own ambitions. I always substitute Arsen Borisovich shoulder, and he can always turn back to me – I don’t betray. But the main thing – we have a common goal, strong and prosperous Ukraine”, – he said.

On the question of whether Kiva expects early parliamentary elections, the politician said: “They will in any case. In the fall of 2018. This fall is the start of the campaign.”

As previously reported, Ilya Kiva announced his appointment as the Chairman of the Socialist party of Ukraine. However, the socialist party accused him in a hostile takeover.

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