Advisor Avakov urged to establish a totalitarian regime

Советник Авакова призвал установить тоталитарный режим

Kiva believes that Ukraine needs a totalitarian regime

The ideal state for the former head of police is a parliamentary Republic, but to restore order Ukraine needs totalitarianism.

The former head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime Ilya Kiva declared that Ukraine needs a totalitarian regime to restore order.

He told this in an interview

Kiva noted that the ideal state for it is a parliamentary Republic, where the President performs Executive functions.

At the same time, in his opinion, now it is impossible and Ukraine needs a totalitarian regime.

“But today, unfortunately, our country still need a totalitarian regime to restore order. In the situation in which today our country is in chaos, we need to restore order. We need discipline and order, then we will be able to build a legal state,” – said Kiva.

Recall, Chivu was dismissed as head of police. Later it became known that Kiva was going to the ATO and to the Parliament.