“Aeroflot” has filed about 600 lawsuits against the Ministry of transport

"Аэрофлот" с начала года подал около 600 исков против Госавиаслужбы

From the beginning, the Kiev District administrative court received more than 600 lawsuits against the State air service of Ukraine, primarily the plaintiff is the company “Aeroflot-Russian airlines”. This was announced by the judge-speaker of the court of Bogdan Sanin, reports the official website of the court.

“The trend in the District administrative court annually receives more than 600 lawsuits to the State air. In 2013, we had several such cases, however, the last three years their number increased to hundreds,” said Sanin.

As of November, the court received the 18650 lawsuits, of which 662 against Gosave. 97% of the plaintiff is the company “Aeroflot-Russian airlines”.

According to him, one of the most common types of cases that the appeals against the decisions on the imposition of fines in civil aviation for violation of the rules and order of using the airspace of Ukraine, for example, takeoff and landing at a closed airport “Simferopol”, despite the ban on the use of airspace.

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“Also pending before the court are proceedings for fines for the admission of the aviation personnel for professional work without the proper certificate, or, for example, violation of the terms of refund for unused tickets,” – said Sanin.

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In General, according to the judge, more than 3% of cases, which this year considered the administrative court is the claims to the State aviation service of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian company Aeroflot has to pay Ukraine for flights to Crimea 721 million UAH.

Recall, the Cabinet has banned flights of “Aeroflot” and “Transaero” in Ukraine.