After 10 years, almost every Ukrainian family will have a shopping address in USA

Ukrainians overpay, buying imported goods. Some figures: original Nike Air Max Tavas on the official site in the United States are $90, while in Ukraine they are sold for $176, women’s Levi’s jeans High Rise Skinny 721 on cost 38$, and then sell them for 120$. Impressive difference, but it can be circumvented — and thus to abandon these products does not necessarily.

Previously, the majority of Ukrainians could not buy in the us online stores because the orders were sent exclusively by the United States, and direct shipment cost is unreasonably expensive. Now the delivery point assumed forwardingfree of the company — and the main obstacle between the Ukrainian and American shoppers shops disappeared. Even though the cost of the American product must be added to the delivery, comes impressive savings.

The process of obtaining such an order is actually very simple: choose the product on the website of the American online store, register address, which provides forwardingfree company and pay for the goods (credit card and do not have to be the dollar, the hryvnia). Some people think that online shopping in the USA is very difficult, but actually it is just for 5 minutes. Simply fill out the form to register, to specify the correct delivery address and you are ready to start shopping.



The Ukrainians do not want to compromise with the quality, and the more they do not want to overpay.

Today’s buyers it is important not just to the product — they want to be confident in its originality. That is why the products from a reliable American Amazon valued much higher things bought at the same China’s Alibaba. According to statistics, 80% of purchases via forwardingfree the company’s clothing and footwear, 10% on machinery and 10% on cosmetics and often exclusive products for a hobby.

Let not in 2 years, but certainly after 10 years, almost every Ukrainian family will have a shopping address in the USA.

Buy in the United States more than profitable — it is a fact that is confirmed by simple arithmetic, only today, not all Ukrainian buyers know English even on basic level that is needed to make a purchase, not everyone has the Internet, and overall purchasing power in recent years has declined. But these constraints are temporary, and the final benefits of buying often outweighs hesitation. So, more and more Ukrainians want to buy the same boots UGG, Levi’s jeans, or the latest model of iPhone in the States.

The growth in the number of clients forwardmoving companies today above all in the regions of Ukraine, for example, in 2014 their number amounted to about 14%, and by results of 2015, they began to make for a quarter of the customer base. Why? Not all cities of Ukraine there are shops of famous brands or showrooms, where officially represented these brands, or the prices are often higher than in the West. But so is the total number of clients forwarders — last year more of them on average 40%. The statistics this year should not disappoint.



In the selection of forwarders purchases, the client first looks for his reputation, because, in fact, give them your order parole. Transparency of payments and a clear understanding of what services are included in payment — another important point. You wouldn’t want to suddenly find that in addition to delivery in the end still need to pay the monthly fee, fees for registration, insurance or repackaging. The cost of services and speed of delivery also play an important role — not everyone is willing to pay less, but wait 1.5-2 months for the package to be formed.

Forwader easyXpress that works consistently on the Ukrainian market for 3 years, clearly prescribing conditions of purchase. Here are the main numbers:

● $ 8.5 — shipping cost is per kilo of your purchases;
● $0 — track your order, re-packing (which reduces the weight of the product and automatically the cost of shipping), insurance $60, private warehouse in tax-free state (up to 7% due to the lack of sales tax);
● 4-7 business days — delivery time.

More than fierce competition the company easyXpress remains one of the leaders in its niche due to the fact that guarantees the transparency of the final check and provides a repacking service to the customer is not overpaying for shipping. Over 3 years the company on its Facebook page signed by more than 43 thousand users, more than 200 customers left positive feedback on cooperation and 99% of customers were satisfied.

easyXpress made everything to order from the US it was convenient and profitable. Now you only need to place your first order to make sure that it really is.