After an accident in Crimea in the Kherson region found the poisoned water

После аварии в Крыму на Херсонщине нашли отравленную воду

In drinking water found an increased chloride content

In drinking water taken in one of the villages, the amount of chlorides and a half times higher than normal. At the same time, in another village the water meets the standards.

In the village Pershokostiantynivka the Kherson region – in the zone of influence of activities located in the Crimea the Crimean Titan plant – drinking water with chloride content and total hardness significantly higher than the norm. On Tuesday, September 4, reported the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in the Kherson region.

“In samples taken in Pershokostyantynivka found above in terms of the content of chlorides (389,55 mg/dm3 while the norm is to 250.0 mg/dm3) and total hardness (13.5 mmol/dm3 at the rate of 7.0 mmol/dm3)”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, the sample of drinking water taken in Preobrazhenka village Kalanchak district, conform to the norm.

It is noted that water samples were taken on August 31 and September 1.

Recall that the release of an unknown substance occurred on the North of the Crimea in the night of August 24. After that, the rooftops and the leaves of the trees appeared patina oil color with a yellowish tint.

On the eve it became known that in the Kherson region border guards discovered in the air of toxic chemicals. Later it was found that the presence of chemicals in the air due to emissions from the factory Titan in the Crimea.


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