After an accident in Kharkov will tighten control on the roads

После ДТП в Харькове ужесточат контроль на дорогах

Violation of the rules on the roads will be more strictly punished

The Cabinet will toughen the punishment for a traffic violation after an accident in Odessa.

The government plans to toughen penalties for traffic violations and also to impose a more stringent system of control on the roads after the accident, which occurred on Wednesday, October 18, in Kyiv. This was written by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian in Facebook.

“Today, we have another discussion, in conjunction with the Ministry of interior, Ministry of health, Ministry of education, people’s deputies of measures to reduce to 0 deaths on the Ukrainian roads. During the week they will be agreed and will commence from 1 January 2018,” the Minister said.

According to him, he insists on restricting the speed of traffic in towns to 50 km/h, the introduction of “draconian fines” for speeding, unfastened seat belt in the front and rear seats, lack of child seats when transporting children, use of mobile media hands-free.

The Minister also said where will you get the money for a new initiative.

“In addition to funding from the Road Fund provided about half a billion UAH from the funds of the sectoral support of the EU for equipment the largest concentration of accidents in the country,” added Omeljan.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the evening on October 18 in the center of Kharkov there was an accident in which six people were killed and another five received injuries of varying severity.

According to preliminary data, Lexus at high speed ran a red light and crashed into a Volkswagen Touareg. From hitting the Lexus took off on the sidewalk, where at that moment there were dozens of pedestrians. Driving a Lexus was 20-year-old daughter of a local businessman Alyona Zaitseva.

The condition of two people injured in the accident, remains dire.