After the nationalization of PrivatBank promise to sell

После национализации ПриватБанк обещают продать

Privat sell after the nationalization

This will be done after the stabilization of the Bank and achieve the strategic plan.

After full nationalization of PrivatBank it plans to sell, said Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk at a press conference.

According to him, it will be implemented after stabilization of the Bank and achieve the strategic plan. He added that PrivatBank in temporary administration work.

Additionally, danylyuk said that the nationalization of Private need for the next tranche of IMF.

“This decision is important in the framework of our cooperation with the IMF and after the next step is the adoption of the budget — we have completed two important phase of cooperation with the IMF. And it will also bring us closer to a tight cooperation with the IMF and receiving the next tranche,” – he said.

The Minister also said that the national Bank offered the Ministry of Finance to give 116 billion UAH for additional capitalization of PrivatBank.

According to danyluk, all amounts have been budgeted in the draft budget.

At the same press conference, the head of the NBU Gontareva said the reasons for the insolvency of PrivatBank.

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