After the reform of the police investigators do not want to investigate rape cases

Как после реформы полиции следователи не хотят заниматься расследованием дел об изнасиловании

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Yesterday a patrol arrested a serial rapist. Patrol in this case is really well done, and congratulations. Importantly, the case went to trial, and he made the proper decision.

Next – a little about my own experience crossing with rape during service.

During his service in the patrol police I double in part of different crews in different districts of Kyiv were detained suspects in committing a rape. Twice the victims (in these cases, women) pointed at these people. And twice, these things didn’t come…

The case of the first. Autumn. Towers. Late in the evening. Thick fog. Near the road stands a girl, seeing the patrol car stops. In tears. Raped. Put it in a car, find out the signs, pass on information to other crews have searched the area. Suddenly the 400 meters notice the young guy, the girl points to him. He saw “Prius” and tries to run away, after our teams he – thinks better of it.

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This girl worked in a bar. This guy is a frequent visitor. We bring both to the police station.

Don’t know how should be a survey of the victim in the rape, but my inner sense tells us that it is not exactly as it took place in the evening.

Throws sledak male who is angry at the world for his middle of the night I woke up (his shift change, by the way), in a rough form asks the victim the details of these events. Several times this brings her to hysterics.

It’s all happening so communication with the investigator – hysterical, then calm patrol (in the second case will be lower, the same). And so a few times.

Then he brought it separately any office (without patrol), from which she left with the words that written refusal with the statement because the investigator convinced her that nothing to prove.

No directions on examination and the further that should be in this case – no, not heard.

I carefully analyzed the situation. Where we, as patrol, missed something, where Doge (though, logically, we, as a patrol would not have to do it, but that’s another philosophy: a new Outlook patrol that went into the structure to change and the worldview of the others…).

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I was sure that if God forbid, this happens in the future – we will see this to the end.

But not everything happened as we wanted, so the second case. Summer. Forest. Early in the morning. Boring this night was. Before the crew left for an hour and a half.

Then we called the taxi driver. Says he in the car the woman who stopped him, can’t explain it… only that she was raped…

When communicating with us she spoke a few sentences that were scattered and logically, and in chronological order. Even her name, home, mobile or home phone relatives etc, about 20 minutes was spent trying to understand it, to help to lay down this puzzle.

And there was a puzzle like this: in the evening she met with some lady who her treated, after which she vaguely remembers. Then she lost her phone, and the lady was taken to a Parking place in the yard where the two guards were raped. Well, was beaten on the head, so as not resisted.

Begin to ride on the Forest, from Parking lot to Parking lot – not the same. Suddenly, already having lost hope and having plans to take her home, she notices the Parking lot. We leave on the house is unoccupied. In the booth asleep drunk one guard (this is the question of how people believe that their car nothing bad will happen at night – they keep them in the Parking lots with security, the money paid for it), the other crawls out from behind the booth, too sober.

His first words upon seeing us and this woman – “You can’t prove anything!”.

While these men no longer young. One 40, the other 60, I think. The victim points to the booth, all the details and options of sex, which implement these “alpha males” (fortunately, the crew we had a girl that was a relief).

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Into place caused it is investigative-operational group (SOG), which focused on the disappearance of the phone and not on the other circumstances of the case is scored.

I sent away the whole chain of command and procedures blatantly and clearly said to the Colonel of the Soga that I think about it. Began to make a statement about the beating, and rape. And also the same vacillation as in the first case (with sedation of the victim).

The medic from the team of SMP, we clearly indicated which pieces of clothing need to be taken for examination, because there are similar marks on the proof.

Further, the investigator said – as we clothing pick, it will be without anything?

My partner began to appeal to passers-by who rushed to work so can someone kind of clothes brought from home to the victim. Found.

Further, the team from SOG carries the victim to the hospital of SMP (that in Kiev called NSP), where the reels (this is a separate issue), but in the end, we are making the survey. But only injuries. The decision of the medical hospitalization.

The question remains about the rape. In BSMP is recommended to bring the victim into some nearby clinic where a gynecologist. And even give us a team that is bringing it there.

The doctor made an examination indicates the presence of substances like semen, estimated time it hit. But it conclusion can not do, so it’s a matter of forensics, and “the investigator was supposed to give the direction” (which of course he didn’t).

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Decide, in consultation with our leadership, take it to the office that it holds.
But it was a holiday, neither phone is not answered, the police assured that those not working today.

And it’s awful, my friends! Holidays and eve of holidays, it turns out, the best time for such crimes… (this information, by the way, I told the people from the new team of the Ministry of health, in particular Tatyana Timoshenko – really hope this will be solved).

All of this resulted because we have delivered the victim in BSMP hospitalization for examination of an injury, particularly a head.

In short, the patrol, and specifically I, in these cases lost to investigators. But most importantly, the lost citizens of their right to protection…

And the three assholes came out unscathed, and who knows how many more such feats will do.

To understand the change that we ended at about 16:00 (when we appeared somewhere at 18:00 the previous day). First time I almost hit a pedestrian, which I didn’t notice.

…But then it turned out that the rape complaint no. Disappeared. Disappeared. Became invisible.

Bogdan Packan

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