Again all asleep: the Reaction of social media on the night the earthquake

Опять все проспал: Реакция соцсетей на ночное землетрясение

In the Eastern part of Romania, at night there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.5. Tremors were felt and in territory of Ukraine. Strongest in the Odessa region, but residents of the capital and other cities, write that also felt the earthquake. While some tell how they shook the chandeliers, others complain that slept.

Network Troll gathered the reaction of users of social networks on the night of the earthquake.

Here are the tremors felt in Chernivtsi.

lies on liku, uticas in bodies, znovu semitron, about, chandelier hittest

— yushko (@yashalonina1) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

In Kurenevka is also felt.

Online say that it was even “a little uncomfortable” from what was shaking in the capital.


But some do not felt anything.

The earthquake was noticed and the residents of Vinnitsa.

Write that in Zhitomir was the tremors.

The echoes of the Romanian earthquake felt in Kremenchug.

Others joke about it.


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