Against Scrap no reception. What you need to know about the battle Lomachenko – Walters

Против Лома нет приема. Что надо знать о бое Ломаченко - Уолтерс

Vasyl Lomachenko on special account. With the gradual sunset of the career of Klitschko brothers fans needed new heroes and Champions. Lomachenko for that role suits more than others. This is evidenced not only by its dominance in Amateur Boxing, but a very strong start in the professional ring. For three years in the pros he had only seven games in the two title fights and two championship belts in different weight categories. It should be noted that both a champion title in weight to 57 kg and 59 kg was the fastest in the history of Boxing, as in low weight for this, it took him only three fights and one title he got in 7 fights. It is clear that in the merit and respected promoter Bob Arum, who knows how such encounters to organize, but Basil your chances are not missed, which means it is the psychological readiness to make the most of the situation. By the way, Lomachenko in a short time can continue to break records, as the promoter of world champion WBO lightweight champion Briton Terry Flanagan Frank Warren reiterated that negotiating on the organization of the fight of his ward with Vasyl Lomachenko, whom he considered the best boxer of the world regardless of weight class.

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If successful, such a victory, he will be able to bring a third title in a small number of fights. In confirmation of the seriousness of Warren can testify that his BoxNation channel will show the fight Lomachenko with Walters for the British public. Interestingly, on the same day, will to fight, and his ward Flanagan Orlando Cruz, a great evening for the promotion of a possible battle. It remains the case for small – both boxers win their fights.

Business Lomachenko only go uphill. Even a disappointing loss to Orlando Salido did not affect his championship prospects, but made him stronger mentally. As Basil himself admitted this defeat he remembers every time he found it difficult in training that really motivates him to avoid such humiliation again. Something similar happened at the Amateur level, when the only after the defeat of the Russians by albert Selimova 19 Lomachenko never gave reason to doubt in their next fights, and his debut in new weight category against the Costa Rican Roman Martinez was spectacular, with bright Ko the opponent.

If we talk about Nicholas Walters, the first thing that catches the eye is the absence of defeats in the record of the boxer. Many times he lost at the Amateur level, just 11 times, but on a professional level, everything turned out much better. However, in fairness it should be noted that often rivals, especially at the initial stage was not too high, in some cases even wood. Therefore it is symbolic that since to him and stuck the nickname “lumberjack”, which Walters love to exploit. From 2012 to 2015 he owned a champion title of WBA, who lost at the weigh-in before the fight with Miguel Marriagei, exceeding the permitted weight allowance. Of course, this indicates a problem with the discipline of a boxer, which could have an impact in the upcoming battle. Anyway, the Jamaican boxer was a title at this level remained unbeaten because of the confidence he does not hold.

“Everyone is talking about Lomachenko as invincible, but in fact only I have no lesions, so I’m not worried. He certainly learned a lesson from the defeat, but it’s all he has is a stain on the record. But I, unlike him, have not come to know this bitterness. And will not do it on Saturday,” says the Jamaican.

Против Лома нет приема. Что надо знать о бое Ломаченко - Уолтерс

Moreover, he is considered one of the best boxers of my division, and rather dangerous opponent. Lomachenko understands and he talks about it himself: “For me this meeting is very important because many experts believe that Walters strongest boxer in the division. He’s a hard puncher and a very good fighter. For me it is very important to fight the best”.

This is an important distinction Lomachenko not only from the Walters, and many boxers. He always tries to carry out battles with strong opponents, not afraid of anyone and nobody evades. Most do not want to fight him. With the same Walters talks lasted two years, when he was in the status of the current champion. It was all about money, the Jamaican boxer appetites are constantly growing. It got to the point that he Lomachenko has promised to give part of his fee in the amount of 300 000 USD, in case of victory Walters over him as an additional motivating factor for the fight, but in vain. Only six months later, when HBO found extra money to fight the contract was signed.

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With almost the same growth Walters has the arm span of 19 cm This should allow him to keep his distance with that jab. Some experts also noted that his left jab is a long range of output, than the right. This may bring some difficulties for Lomachenko, but it is unlikely that this aspect will be decisive. Due to excellent footwork of Lomachenko will have an advantage in displacement and velocity, and thus be able to reduce the distance to effective shock. The defeat against Salido was supposed to form the immune system of Basil from the dirty Boxing opponent, in this sense, Walters is unlikely to surprise with something new.

Против Лома нет приема. Что надо знать о бое Ломаченко - Уолтерс

Open training Lomachenko and Walters

In the upcoming fixture we will be able to observe first-class confrontation between two schools – the impact of Jamaican and technically from the Ukrainian. Due to the superior technique in the ring, he was nicknamed Hi-Tech. Agree, much better to be “high-tech” than a “lumberjack”. And Walters right now are a mystery. In new weight category Jamaican boxer played only one match in December and ended it in a draw with American of Puerto Rican origin Jason Sosai. Then it seemed that Walters was perepechenova his opponent, and therefore the decision of the judges was considered scandalous, some even said about the robbery Walters judges ‘ decision.

The judicial issue has been discussed all week in the Boxing world. All because of a controversial decision at battle of the American ward and the Russians Kovalev, Lomachenko. Interestingly, two judges of the three that will serve fight Walters – Lomachenko, namely Glen Trowbridge and Burt Clemens, just tried last week the controversial fight. Apparently, a Commission of Nevada in their work was all arranged. This is very important, as the experts and the bookies do not expect a knockout in this fight and expect a result, it is on the judicial decision. Who can help judge, hard to say, but it seems that the crafty Arum is keeping this option in mind and in control of the situation. And due to a more technical Boxing Lomachenko will be easier to gain judges ‘ points. Basil knows its superiority and does not hesitate to say: “want to beat me, Walters will have to knock”.

Aware of the technical superiority of the opponent and Walters, but because determined and prepared to crush the opponent until the bitter end.

“If he lost to Salido, it can not be called invincible. As much as he can to be a techie, but I’m in the sport of gladiators, where damage. I am a descendant of a Gladiator, and that’s how I spend all my duels. On Saturday I’ll be stronger than his technology and definitely will suit a hell of a show,” says Walters.

Против Лома нет приема. Что надо знать о бое Ломаченко - Уолтерс

Open training Lomachenko and Walters

It is also important that to fight there is an interest, not only in our country but also in America. For Basil at this stage of career is important, not just the title and the names of those whom he would beat. In the US the title is just an excuse to meet a strong and popular boxer and claim absolutely other money. Promotion Lomachenko in the us market is not as rapidly as hoped, but the positive dynamics is. The fact that HBO puts the fight Lomachenko as the main in a Boxing match, speaks volumes. Bob Arum and all claims fight of the year, says he and Nicholas Walters. But are people interested, they are part of the upcoming show, much more important evaluation of the serious characters of the Boxing world.

For example, the words of the famous Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez about fight: “This is a very significant fight because of the style of boxers. Walters gets a lot of power shots, he’s a very sharp boxer. But Lomachenko is a very strong Boxing and technique. Great tie different style boxers. Lomachenko has the speed and combinations, as well as a great experience. Yes, Lomachenko lost to Salido, but the experience that he gained in the fight against such a strong opponent, allowed him to become more confident. Walters is also very strong, and because Lomachenko wants this fight. Imagine if Lomachenko can beat Walters, he will become a great boxer! In addition, it is good for his future – he will earn more.”

Did not remain silent and idol Lomachenko Mike Tyson. He primarily praised the potential of our boxer: “I like Tim Bradley. I like Nicholas Walters. I like Guillermo Rigondeaux. And that little guy – Vasyl Lomachenko. You won’t see more white guys that fight like him. I like to watch him as he fights and moves. He’s cool!”

The boxers themselves are not left out and also exchanged various promises to hurt the opponent, fueling public interest. Tried Walters, of course, to trash-talking Tyson fury, he was far away, but something hot and turned from him.

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“Lomachenko you need to knock, just to make the ring. This Turkey Vasyl Lomachenko will not be spared at thanksgiving. I’m going to cut it live”, – has spoken Jamaican.

Vasyl Lomachenko also found the right words: “I think I will be a very difficult first four rounds, after that I will try to get the battle under control. For me it does not matter that he had no defeats. He’s never sparred with me, and I’m preparing for this fight like any other. After Saturday evening you will have the opportunity to go to Walters and see what happened. Oh, and don’t forget he has to ask why he never put me down”.

Против Лома нет приема. Что надо знать о бое Ломаченко - Уолтерс

It is important that Lomachenko gets used to the American market and begins to play along with the audience, he has already trolling gait world champion UFC Irishman Conor McGregor, and to call him from a pay phone saying: “Hello, MacGregor, I’m here. Yes, in Las Vegas. Wait for me.”

It seems childish and stupid, but for the market America works, namely the US dictate fashion in the world of Boxing. No doubt Lomachenko for the last couple of years became a prominent figure in the world of professional Boxing. The fight with Walters – one more right step to dominate in the future, the main thing – to make a spectacular show and win beautifully.

Sergey Zaburunye