Against the 2018 world Cup in Russia were made by 43% of fans in the world

Против проведения ЧМ-2018 в РФ выступили 43% болельщиков в мире


The international organization for the fight against corruption Transparency International conducted a study on the topic of trust fans to FIFA and their relations to host the 2018 world Cup in Russia.

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43% of people worldwide were against Russia as the organizer of the tournament, a 39% approved, 18% were not identified. Among the dissatisfied leaders of Ireland (71%), the Netherlands (69%), the UK and Sweden (68%). In the US, only 47% of fans did not support Russia.

Among the expected endorsing the leader of Russia itself (89%), followed by Colombia (57%) and South Africa (56%).

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FIFA do not trust 53% fans 32% trust and 15% undecided. A group of opponents led by Chile (71%), Germans and Dutch (70%). In Russia, FIFA is not trusted by 41% of fans.

The world Cup in Russia should pass from 14 June to 15 July 2018. Tournament matches going to play in Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-don, Sochi and Yekaterinburg.

Recall that in the FIFA rule out the possibility of boycotting Russian world Cup due to the military aggression against Ukraine, justifying it is the policy of Nesmeyana politics and sports.

Nevertheless, FIFA has already landed in an awkward situation by endorsing the video presentation of the 2018 world Cup, which was footage of a map of Russia, which included the Ukrainian Crimea. Soon the video was removed, and FIFA officially apologizes to Ukraine for the incident.

After clashes that were arranged by Russian football fans at Euro 2016 in France, doping scandal, the issue of holding the 2018 world Cup is up again.

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