Agent Milevsky: There are options from the Bundesliga, as well as from Romania and Greece

Агент Милевского: Есть варианты из Бундеслиги, а также из Румынии и Греции

Pankov said about Milevsky interest from many clubs

Agent Artem Milevskiy, Aleksandr Pankov told about the options for continuing his football career.

“Three days ago, I talked to the President of the club movement Vynnyky Gregory Kozlovsky. It was a pleasant chat, I am with very great respect for people who are in such a difficult time to invest money in Ukrainian football. But I explained to him that today we already have several proposals from European clubs, and with more distant countries. He asked me to give Milevsky his invitation, which I did. However, the probability of this is 1% — all in life really, and it’s the same reason to assume that it can be summer, as in Ruhe and Manchester United”, – said Pankow.

“I have to admit, there are concrete options. We are talking about clubs from the first Bundesliga, as well as Romanian and Greek clubs. At the moment we are considering proposals. To be determined will be in the month of may – only then it will be more likely to say what team Artyom will continue his career,” – said the agent.

“In Concordia it really want to see in the next season. However, we originally said – that the player and the club will help each other at some stage. Now, when Milevskiy scored a lot of goals and demonstrates excellent shape, offers a lot, and there are various types of geography, but we are talking about clubs high level,” – said Pankov on the desire of Concord to leave Milevsky.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Milevsky will leave Concordia at the end of the season.

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